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1. Vendor Management

1.1. Area of Strength

1.1.1. 1 We have great relationships with vendors/partners

1.2. Area of Improvement

1.2.1. 4 Expand resources We don’t leverage well especially in construction, costs increasing continuously

2. Project Management (Construction)

2.1. Area of Strength

2.1.1. 1 In-house design Handled multiple projects Can make a judgement call

2.2. Area of Improvement

2.2.1. 5 Lower Investment Cost Back jobs, quality of works for new stores Exceeding the target budget Project cost and standardization of materials can still improve Number of days increasing, quality of work decreasing

3. Project Management (Initiatives/WIGS)

3.1. Area of Strength

3.2. Area of Improvement

3.2.1. 5 No cadence of accountability Not everyone is delivering their commitment. Some are successful at the expense of other departments WIGS are not reported and reviewed regularly

4. Facilities and Equipment Maintenance

4.1. Area of Strength

4.2. Area of Improvement

4.2.1. 6 Pest control Mgt, involvement in store design No in depth study on equipment repair history versus purchasing a new equipment. In-store maintenance systems can be improved

5. Feedback Management System

5.1. Area of Strength

5.1.1. 5 No similar feedback system from competitors In place but need to strengthen resolutions With various internal and external channels

5.2. Area of Improvement

5.2.1. 1 Not hitting the target of 20% usage. Technology not utilised by the stores

6. Data Management

6.1. Area of Strength

6.2. Area of Improvement

6.2.1. 4 When can we get rid of Manual Sales and other data daily monitoring We need to address constantly changing sales data. Bench mark to other companies or new trends in POS technology and accurate data collection that gives almost complete insight on behavioral data Address disconnect in data + guest identification Establish cross-department framework where sales data can be validated by Finance and ready for data extraction and analysis by next day

7. Franchising System

7.1. Area of Strength

7.2. Area of Improvement

7.2.1. 4 Bad operators continue to get new sites

8. Business Development

8.1. Area of Strength

8.2. Area of Improvement

8.2.1. 4 Consistency in successful site acquisition is always a challenge

9. Product Development (New and reengineering)

9.1. Area of Strength

9.1.1. 5 But steered mostly by top management. We are innovative and fast to launch Product development is fast. Reengineering must be continues to improve processes/preparation and decrease cost

9.2. Area of Improvement

9.2.1. 1 Improvement on product line (pasta and new pizza flavors)

10. Store/Restaurant Operations

10.1. Area of Strength

10.1.1. 2 Aggressive and competitive It is a core competency, execution can be better

10.2. Area of Improvement

10.2.1. 5 Lots of room for improvement Communications / Coordination Flexibility Low QSCH Execution

11. Delivery Operations

11.1. Area of Strength

11.1.1. 4 Big Market Share On its way to become more digital ready. The sales growth and improved operational execution

11.2. Area of Improvement

11.2.1. 3 Call center execution Systems implementation For Roadrunner stores improvement is evident, can still be achieved for other stores

12. Financial Processes

12.1. Area of Strength

12.1.1. 2 Flexible Financial ratios show we manage it well

12.2. Area of Improvement

12.2.1. 5 Difficulty to processing of papers Too many paper works Bureaucratic Relatively late Theo Food Cost improvement, PNL recon is still under optimized

13. Integrated information system (ERP)

13.1. Area of Strength

13.2. Area of Improvement

13.2.1. 6 No one source of data Inaccurate/ inconsistent data WIFI connections in store Facilities Unfinished and undeployed Project still not completed

14. Supply Chain Management (end to end)

14.1. Area of Strength

14.2. Area of Improvement

14.2.1. 6 Ordering and distribution procedure Logistics and stocks availability issues Can still improve logistical hit rates

15. Manpower Planning (identification to placement)

15.1. Area of Strength

15.2. Area of Improvement

15.2.1. 6 No pool of talents Effective screening method to gauge the right talent Can still improve hiring, training and engagement

16. Compensations and Rewards

16.1. Area of Strength

16.2. Area of Improvement

16.2.1. 6 Systems implementation with disputes Alignment is needed internal and external. Increases below inflation rate. Can still be made competitive vs market & industry

17. Training and Development

17.1. Area of Strength

17.1.1. 3 With curriculum Right external programs are now being made available

17.2. Area of Improvement

17.2.1. 3 Does not significantly show the transfer of knowledge. New Training program Competency based Needs to level up and update program/curriculum Focused and strong on restaurant operations but no internal training program or focus on building digital marketing acumen of team. Has to be initiated by concerned departments.

18. Local Store Marketing

18.1. Area of Strength

18.1.1. 2 With LSM Tool kit LSM numbers improved a lot though program offerings can still improve

18.2. Area of Improvement

18.2.1. 4 Weak execution Not all stores doing LSM Improving, but needs to be consistent for all segments needing attention Senior management, stores and partners have to be educated on data privacy law and impact of contacting or engaging with guests due to risks of past practices on call and text brigades

19. Product Management

19.1. Area of Strength

19.1.1. 2 We are innovative and fast to launch

19.2. Area of Improvement

19.2.1. 4 Frequent review of product performance Menu mix study is not periodically available

20. Marketing Communications

20.1. Area of Strength

20.1.1. 1 Digital Marketing communications significantly improved

20.2. Area of Improvement

20.2.1. 5 Solidifying the fun, family pizza in advertising Digital Marketing has greatly improved, but Trad Comm can still work on targeting Gen Y&Z