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1. Salesforce

1.1. As Is Process

1.1.1. account managment:customer Info about main contacts: AM, RM, FT Areas sqft Defined store by store with CAD software Broken down by Area and floor type (would like to use this in future in CPQ for estimation) Equipment- need to move to Asset related list Servicesrelated list Partner Changeover SIN Processes

1.1.2. Opportunities

1.1.3. store locations

1.1.4. store activity

1.1.5. Partner accounts (subcontractors) Partner change overs (PCO) to track changes of partners Track status of chnageover Pictures of store state Cost of Changing Over - track how much a partner costs UCSL PCO Dashboard Onboarding Certified Services Services by Partner Service contract status based on contract end date Up-sells: ability for partners to identify partners

1.1.6. Specials (custom object) Specials Start & End Dates Approvals based on margins or value Billables & Payables Would be open to suggestions - but process is working well for now. Consider Lightning? Area managers create these on store walks to identify upsells. Follows similar process for opportunities In and Outs: Bill one contractor, get monay and pay other contractor Non-Billable

1.1.7. Support Field Team (FST assigned to accounts) Partner (subcontractor) in-store cleaning Communities Field Technician (Repairs)

1.1.8. Use Geopointe

1.2. Compliance

2. Company Profile

2.1. Companies

2.1.1. Krupa Holdings

2.1.2. United Cleaning

2.1.3. Nettoyage

2.2. Fiscal Year: Jan 1-Dec 31

2.3. Accounts

2.3.1. Supplier

2.3.2. Customer

2.4. Integration with SAP:

2.4.1. Partners are created in SAP as partner and customer, then integration creates it in Salesforce as Partner.

2.4.2. Partner are sometimes customers

2.5. Taxes/Currencies

2.5.1. support all of Canada

2.5.2. CAD, US, EUR, GBP

2.6. Customer Types:

2.6.1. Corporate/National: billed through USG - and USG bills nettoyage as a subcontractor

2.6.2. Independent

3. Customer Journey (see PDF's from Anukta)

4. Partner Journey (see PDF's from Anukta)

5. Customer Engangement Tool (see PDF's from Anukta)

6. Inventory Management

6.1. Replacement parts: would like to track max/mins

6.2. Disposables: durawax will be used for Specials. Area Managers order via Bunzel and invoice UCSG

6.3. Reusables: Fans for floods

6.4. Fixed Assets: Equipment (serialized)

6.5. Machines are all owned/leased

6.6. Tracking: want to track vehicles and equipment as assets, laptops & cell phones

6.7. Maintenance: based on visitation reports - logic to be defined (hours per asset = x frequency of pm)

6.8. Warehouses:

6.8.1. Quebec (will buy parts from Ontario)

6.8.2. Brampton

6.8.3. Vans Quebec techs will order parts from quebec

6.9. Suppliers: two major - will ship to warehouse

6.10. Machine ex 5680 is scrapped, but 3 parts are refurbished and need to be added back to inventory at a lower cost. Ex VacMotor usually $120, now $45 to resell to partner.

6.11. Cost Plus 10% to partners

6.12. Invoicing in CAD only

7. Field Service

7.1. Pain Points

7.1.1. simplifying invoiving 3rd party generates multiple invoices: invoices for 3pm's + 3 invoices for 3 break fixes

7.2. Work Types

7.2.1. PCO Inspection

7.2.2. Training

7.2.3. Refurbishing

7.2.4. Maintenance Preventive Maintenance PM schedule based on hours Every 100 hours a PM should be done. Schedule of PM's Tech has their own area and schedule Schedule given to tech by month Tech sends document and invoice, receives email Scrubber and buffer, maintenace is the same. Oil and filter changes. 100 buffing hours. Will come to warehouse to collect parts. Tracked in SAP Ideally, # of PM's would determine purchasing of parts/ Service Order, confirmation and invoice Service request, information on what's wrong with equipment, Tech on-site notices wear and tear and adds a new work order. Work Type: PM = 1.5 hours 2 machine (buffer & scrubber) PM's should have the ability to be move.

7.2.5. Repair Break/Fix Partner identifies issue Calls regional coordinator Logs issue Would want Partner to call tech lead Tech Lead opens case about issue Dispatch internal tech (8) Dispatched by region and preference to send internal Fix the issue, describe what they did, update status, consume parts Notification to partner that machine was fixed Determination of cause of issue (if neglect from cleaning partner) if wear and tear. Terms outlined in contract: fixer and partner need to have a go-nogo discussion. Could a decision tree/flow help make that decision. #1 Priority is to fix machine. Decide on money after. Work Order should include estimate and if x amount over need approval if 3rd party tech or if neglect from partner. Same day fix needs to be called in before 9 SLA is set at master agreement level. Cannot have no-show System should be able to identify priority based on # of assets ex. 2 scrubber store Entitlements for tiered sotres ex. Loblaws Inspire vs other lower tier Mark a work order/case as billable>want to have visibility on exceptions. While at a Break-Fix, you may need to add on additional work orders for example PM. Email is sent from Area manager to 3rd party email to notify - and service request is sent later that day. Dispatch would like to have acknowledgement Timesheets: Work Order #, Travel, Work Order #, When have free time, do more serive calls than pm's SLA's per customer In-house techs vs 3rd party 3rd parties: dispatched and will fix same day Moving an asset. Re-allocation /RMA's

7.3. Operating Hours

7.3.1. Generally 9-5

7.3.2. Extended hours

7.4. Reporting

7.4.1. Service calls by region

7.4.2. Tech: first-time fix rates

7.4.3. Senior manager dashboard: how many repair costs were over budget, which region, store, partner.

7.4.4. If PM's were happening on a real-time schedule, would like to see repairs go -down KPI for TTech

7.4.5. how many trans axel's did we use in a year?

7.4.6. How much money did we sepnd ion this machine?

7.4.7. Manager wants to see his team's workloard, costs around managing team, and inventory mgmt

7.4.8. how many vacuum motors do we go tthough?