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Sport by Mind Map: Sport

1. How does sport teach people life skills?

1.1. Does sport improve maturity in adolescents?

1.2. Is playing sport about the experience or winning?

2. How does commitment to sport impact the social life for an athlete?

2.1. Are athletes more likely to be deprived of a social life?

2.2. Do athletes need to have a social life or is commitment to sport the only priority?

2.3. Who do athletes need to be surrounded by to form positive social relationships?

3. What are the psychological differences between team and solo sports?

3.1. To what extent does involvement in team sports and solo sports impact mental health in players?

4. Final Question: To what extent does involvement in elite level tennis impact mental health in adolescent players?

5. How does psychology impact performance in athletes?

5.1. Junior Athletes

5.2. Tennis

5.3. Elite level junior athletes

5.4. Parents

5.5. What are the consequences of poor psychology in adolescent athletes?

6. How does sport impact lifestyle?

6.1. Does sport improve social skills?

6.2. How important is having a balanced lifestyle for an athlete?

6.3. How can athletes have a balanced lifestyle?

7. How does participation in sport impact wellbeing for athletes?

7.1. Can sport at an elite level lead to mental health symptoms such as stress and anxiety?

7.2. Do parents have an impact in the mental health of an elite level athlete?

7.2.1. How does the psychology of an elite level adolescent athlete and adult athlete differ?

8. Are adolescent tennis players more likely to inherit mental health issues?

8.1. What are the factors that can increase the chances of mental health in adolescent athletes?

8.2. How can mental health issues spark in adolescent athletes?