His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin Memorial Foundation

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His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin Memorial Foundation by Mind Map: His Holiness Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin Memorial Foundation

1. Financial Assistance provided to individual and Institution as per the Object of the Trust

2. Education sub-committee meeting

2.1. Weekly / Fortnightly

2.1.1. To consider education applications

3. Board Meeting

3.1. Annually

3.1.1. To review working of the Trust

3.1.2. To discuss and decide on policy matters

3.1.3. To pass resolutions

4. Medical

4.1. Institutions

4.1.1. Inayat

4.2. Individual

4.2.1. Inayat

5. MIscellaneous

5.1. Agriculture

5.1.1. Inayat

5.2. Relief of Poverty

5.2.1. Inayat

5.3. General Public Utility

5.3.1. Inayat

6. Meeting with Executive Trustee

6.1. Weekly

6.1.1. To report routine office work and to seek advice on certain matters

7. To co-ordinate the routine work

8. Objects of the Trust

8.1. Staff meeting

8.1.1. Education School Inayat Higher Education Under Graduate Graduation Post Graduation

8.1.2. Bi-weekly To discuss issues arising in routine work Institution

9. Properties

9.1. Sandoz House, Worli

9.2. Interface, Malad

9.3. Lawrence & Mayo, 1st Floor

9.4. Lawrence & Mayo, 3rd Floor

9.5. Davar House, Fort

9.6. Amar Paridgam, Pune

9.6.1. Clover Centre, Pune

9.7. Dyaneshwar Nagri, Pune

9.8. Tara Baug, Pune

10. Meetings

11. Finance

11.1. Medical sub-committee meeting

11.1.1. Weekly

11.2. Rent of properties,

11.2.1. 75% Income used for Object of the Trust

11.2.2. 20% Income used for Investment Purchase of properties to increase income of the Trust To consider medical applications

11.2.3. 5% Income used for Administrative purpose To meet with the office expenses such as staff salary, electric & telephone bills etc.

11.3. 75% Income used for Object of the Trust

12. Task

12.1. Processing of Applications

12.1.1. Complete the application with all required documents Inquire about the family on phone Disburse the sanctioned amount

12.2. Organise Medical camps

12.2.1. Do follow up of the patients and arrange for treatment of needy patients Counselling of students and guide them to pursue the right career Find a suitable license for vacant properties.

12.3. Take care of properties

12.3.1. Organise business seminars to make their business more profitable

13. Departments

13.1. Medical

13.1.1. Education

13.2. Accounts

13.3. IT

13.4. Properties