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English by Mind Map: English

1. The love of books is visible all around school

1.1. inspirational learning environments

1.2. Well-organised reading areas

1.3. Shop Window to reading

1.4. Children take ownership

2. High-quality texts drive the curriculum

2.1. Creative stiumuli

2.1.1. real experiences

2.2. Fewer texts in KS2, providing the platform for better discussion and deeper understanding

2.3. Staff continue to grow their knowledge of children's books and select ones they are passionate about to teach from

3. Feedback & marking is fussy around the basic skills

3.1. It celebrates success and moves learning forward

4. Phonics, spelling, grammar & punctuation are taught systematically, creatively and explicitly in context

4.1. Age-related expectations are taught in each year group

4.2. Children write with accuracy and meaning

4.3. Links are built between spelling and handwriting practice

5. Real contexts and purposes for writing

5.1. Children's outcomes are 'published' and celebrated

5.2. There is a wide range of outcomes in different forms (including spoken language)

5.3. Children become independent writers with increasing choice and freedom over their written outcomes

6. Accurate letter formation is taught and corrected early; it is maintained and practised regularly

6.1. The vast majority of children write with a neat, joined script by the end of Y4

7. Clear planning sequence (5 Rs) leading to an outcome

7.1. Opporunities to develop oracy throughout

8. Children apply skills & teachers help to build links between the learning, maintaining high expectations of English across the curriculum

9. Children put in the reading miles required to become fluent

9.1. Parents and teachers support them in partnership to develop a regular reading habit

9.2. Additional support for children who do not yet read at age-related expectations