Endo‑perio lesion

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Endo‑perio lesion by Mind Map: Endo‑perio lesion

1. Periodontal disease or sequelae of periodontal treatment does not affect the pulp

1.1. Decrease in number of pulp cells, an increase in dystrophic calcifications, fibrosis, direct inflammatory affect.

2. Etiological factors

2.1. Nonliving pathogens

2.2. Living pathogens

2.2.1. Bacteria, fungi and viruses

3. Contributing factors

3.1. Trauma, root resorptions, perforations, and dental malformations

4. The condition of the pulp

4.1. Microbial invasion

4.1.1. A vital pulp Resistant to microbial invasion A necrotic pulp is rapidly invaded and colonized

5. Byproducts of pulpal origin

5.1. Destruction of periodontal tissue fibers

6. Retrograde pulpitis

7. Periodontal destruction

7.1. Virulence of microorganisms, duration of the disease and the host defense mechanism

8. Periodontal disease and periodontal treatments

8.1. Pulpitis

8.2. Pulpal necrosis

9. To the tooth apex

10. Pulpal necrosis

10.1. periodontal pockets

10.2. Marginal bone loss