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1. Respect (Respeto at Paggalang)

1.1. To our law

1.1.1. Fight for what is right with respect Coequality mindset on everyone Execution of bias

1.1.2. Practice of obediency Not being affected to the influences of "Okay lang yan" Following what's opt Doing what's right

1.1.3. Applied to the citizens Any Belief Understanding others based on their beliefs Any Religion Not judging others by their religion Any color Not discriminating others for their color Any race Not being prejudiced against other races

1.1.4. Applied to the leaders Executives Open to new idaes Their plans and advocacies Legislatives Following them righteously Manner of securing the law Judicials Respecting the decision Balancing our freedoms

1.2. To our environment

1.2.1. Achieve right conduct on everyone

1.2.2. Know what's right and wrong

1.2.3. Concern on what's around

1.3. To our neighbors

1.3.1. Observe the Golden Rule

1.3.2. Observe good deeds

1.3.3. Love the society itself

1.3.4. Respect on Cultures

1.4. To ourselves

1.4.1. Believe in yourself

1.4.2. Let no one disrepect you

2. Compassion (Kahabagan)

2.1. Being humble at all times

2.1.1. Ability to cope

2.1.2. Exhibits higher self control

2.1.3. Exerts calmness

2.2. See others equally

2.2.1. Do not see anyone as having more right

2.2.2. Achieves fair society

2.3. Applied generosity

2.3.1. Ready to give freely

2.3.2. Limitless even with or without income

2.3.3. Put others before self

2.4. Listening to others

2.4.1. Demonstrate acceptance

2.4.2. Able to teach others

3. Courtesy (Kagandahang Loob)

3.1. Rules of Etiquette

3.1.1. Social Formalities

3.1.2. Netiquette

3.1.3. Punctuality

3.1.4. Table Manners

3.2. Incorporate Respect

3.2.1. Respect everyone at any age

3.2.2. Inclusion of Magic Words

3.2.3. Respects the needs of everyone

3.2.4. Never embarrass others

3.2.5. Saying please and thank you whenever something is needed or given

3.3. Proper Mannerisms

3.3.1. Correct Postures

3.3.2. Avoidance of vulgar words and phrases

3.3.3. Voice Modulations

3.3.4. Introductions

4. Friendship & Unity (Pagkakaibigan at Pagkakaisa)

4.1. Idea of Understanding

4.1.1. Handling situations orderly

4.1.2. Good comprehension

4.1.3. Avoids chaos

4.2. Idea of Loving

4.2.1. To the country Care of the society and environment Support to the locals

4.2.2. To the citizens Open and Transparency to all Gives coordination

4.2.3. To ourselves Knowledge of who you are Acceptance of weaknesses

4.3. Gives solidarity

4.3.1. As a nation Considerate between the superiors and inferiors Holds the relationship

4.3.2. As a group Cooperation seen Open to suggestions

4.4. As a family

4.4.1. Closeness and Oneness Maintaining good interaction with each member of the family

4.4.2. Listening and Reacting Giving pieces of advice Sharing stories with each other

4.5. As a society

4.5.1. Good Interaction Ability to communicate with other members of the society

4.5.2. Certain good bond Good relationship with other members of the society

5. Dedication (Pagtatalaga)

5.1. Opens new challenges

5.1.1. Positivity at all times Practice optimism Takes failures as a way to learn

5.1.2. Experiences mistakes Views mistakes as a way to learn Doesn't make it too personal

5.1.3. Perseverance to finish Determined to finish what he/she started

5.1.4. Have certain goals Doesn't have a certain limit Creates new goals

5.2. Is preserving

5.2.1. Maintaining good mindset Doesn't view things in their negative aspects

5.2.2. Upholds persistence

5.3. Willingness

5.3.1. To learn new things

5.3.2. Accepts defeat

5.3.3. Passionate at things