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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. 28.1 megawatts of installed capacity in renewable energy

2. What is that?

2.1. Sources that naturally replenish themselves and never RUN OUT.

3. The most common ones

3.1. Hydro, Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Biomass

4. Why is it important?

4.1. 80% of energy consumed by humans is DERIVED from FOSSIL FUELS

4.1.1. Produces a big amount of polution

5. Benefits

6. It creates no direct greenhouse gas emissions

7. Can decrease pollution

8. Prices tend to be stable over time

9. Downsides

10. Can't generate the same amount of power as fossil fuels

11. Building wind farms and dams can disrupt wildlife and migration patterns

12. Solar and wind energy is intermittent

13. Our country

14. Biggest proyect of sun energy is in Barranquilla

15. There is a windfarm in La Guajira

16. The first producer of energy in Colombia are the hydroelectric plants

17. What do I do to help the environment

18. Recycling

19. Use public transport

20. EXTRA INFORMATION Effects of Soil Pollution or Land Pollution