Connecting w/ Pro's

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Connecting w/ Pro's by Mind Map: Connecting w/ Pro's

1. Audience

1.1. Pro's

1.1.1. Real Estate Agents

1.1.2. Mortgage Brokers

1.1.3. Lawyers

1.1.4. Contractors

1.1.5. ?

1.2. Gathering Points

1.2.1. BiggerPockets

1.2.2. Social Media

1.2.3. Networking Events

2. Goal

2.1. Increase Credibility

2.2. Build Industry Relationships

2.3. Grow our visibility

2.4. Help our clients, even after we've helped them.

3. Offer

3.1. Features

3.1.1. We will recommend your services to our clients if they are looking for the service that you provide.

3.1.2. Featured on our company website (minus realtors) Realtors will be recommended after we buy there the realtor can help them buy a new one, or if we can not provide a solution.

3.2. Benefits

3.2.1. free advertising, and leads

3.3. Uniqueness

3.3.1. By having the ability to refer our clients to reputable industry leaders/professional's, we are able to go above and beyond for our clients.

4. Branding

4.1. Content

4.1.1. Click arrow to view Message

4.2. Personality

4.2.1. Ron

5. Medium

5.1. Send Email to current Professionals in CRM

5.1.1. Normal Email

5.2. Send message on BiggerPockets Facebook & LinkedIn

5.3. Create Post for all Social Media Accounts

5.3.1. Landing Page

5.3.2. "Reach Out" Call to Action