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Adidas by Mind Map: Adidas

1. Marketing Information Management The ways that Adidas finds out if their custmors are satisfied by surveys and comments online. They also have social media where people can comment about produts. The social media accounts that Adidas has is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

2. Finacing Debit cards and personal checks are not accepted at Only Visa, MasterCard, Amex Credit cards, PayPal and Adidas gift cards are accepted as mode of payment. Credit cards issued by banks in certain countries are only accepted.

3. Selling The ways that Adidas sells their products is they advertise them in major clothing stores. Also Adidas uses online advertising such as pop up ads on websites. You can purchase almost any adidas goods online and they will be shipped to you.

4. Promotion One of the ways that Adidas makes their products look more appealing is that they give famous athletes contracts to wear and advertise their products.

5. Product Service Management Adidas offers an array of different products. One of the products that adidas sells is the NMD runnning shoes. They have made many improvments with these shoes and added a sense of creativity. Another product that adidas offers is they sell athletic pants they can be worn by anyone. The last product that i chose is the shirts. They offer many fashionable looks.

6. Distribution The ways that Adidas distributes their products is in major clothing stores they advertise it very clearly and visibly. They alsio distibute their products by custmors ordering online and shipped right to there door.

7. Pricing The Adidas NMD cost around 110 to 150 dollars. Currently there is many sales on the Adidas NMD's. Currrently one of the sales are 90 dollars for a pair. Pairs of adidas pants cost 45 to 160 dollars. The adidas t-shirts cost 20 to 90 dollars a shirt.