7 Functions of Starbucks

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7 Functions of Starbucks by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Starbucks

1. Product/Service Management

1.1. -Iced Coffee

1.1.1. This product was improved by giving customers the option to order cold brewed coffee as a similar option.

1.2. -Iced Tea

1.3. Pastries

2. Distribution

2.1. Starbucks products are made to order in store.

2.2. Starbucks also offers a drive-thru in some locations.

3. Financing

3.1. Starbucks accepts major credit card companies (Mastercard, Visa, etc.), cash, and gift cards.

3.2. Starbucks accepts payments on their mobile app.

4. Selling

4.1. Starbucks sells it's food and beverages in-store.

4.2. They sell things such as reusable cups and coffee beans on their website and Amazon.

5. Marketing info. Management

5.1. Starbucks has multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to post new products and get customer feedback in comments.

5.1.1. Questions that can be common are: -How is the new (new drink name)? -What new flavors would you like to see on the menu? -What do you think about the customer service at (starbucks location)?

5.2. Starbucks uses influencers on websites such as youtube to influence people to buy from them as well as get feedback from the viewers.

6. Pricing

6.1. -Iced Coffee: $2.25-$6.00

6.2. Iced Tea: $2.95-$6

6.3. Pastries: $3-$6

7. Promotion

7.1. The Starbucks app allows customer to collect points for buying from Starbucks and offers free drinks every 100 points.

7.2. Starbucks offers seasonal "Happy Hour" drinks at half price after a certain time.

7.3. Starbucks displays new drinks at the front of the menu so customers are aware of new items.