7 Functions Of Marketing for Adidas

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7 Functions Of Marketing for Adidas by Mind Map: 7 Functions Of Marketing for Adidas

1. Adidas has a lot of forms of social media to get out to their customers. They also send out emails to people signed up to their newsletter asking for their feedback on the products. On their social media they usually show upcoming shoes that are going to drop in the future. They also have a app in which you could purpose exclusive to the app shoes or anything on their website.

2. Marketing Information Management

3. Product/Service Management

3.1. The Adidas Ultraboost. A brand new shoe in the market first released back in February of 2015. Shoe was the first to ever release with "boost" technology.

4. Pricing

4.1. The Ultra boost retails at 180 USD. Depending on the style of ultra boost they go on sale ranging down to 135 USD.

5. Distribution

5.1. Adidas, Has stores all around the world. If you don't want to wait for shipping from buying off the Adidas website you go to most shoe stores which most of the time carry the Adidas shoe.

6. Selling

6.1. Adidas has a bunch of stores all across the world, including their own stores and stores like finish line, champs, footlocker and others. They also have a huge selection of stuff online on their website.

7. Financing

7.1. Adidas accepts most payments like cash and card, but online they accept paypal which some stores don't take into consideration even though paypal is one of the most used money management website.

8. Promotion

8.1. When summer comes to a end Adidas like most companies tries to sell all their summer shoes, shorts, t-shirts for a good price to move inventory for the winter. If you're signed up for their email promotions, they sometimes send out 50% discount codes.