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Customer by Mind Map: Customer

1. Market

1.1. Traditional Markets

1.1.1. Geographical Area basis Local Regional National International

1.1.2. Volume Basis Wholesale Retail

1.1.3. Subject of Exchange Basis Commodity Capital Money

1.1.4. Position of Parties Basis Primary Secondary Terminal

1.1.5. Nature of Transaction Basis Spot Future

1.1.6. Nature of Goods Basis Consumer Producer

1.2. Non-Traditional

1.2.1. Catalogue

1.2.2. In-House

1.2.3. Mail Order

1.2.4. Automatic Vending Machines

1.2.5. Telemarket

1.2.6. Network

2. Marketing

3. Product verses Service

3.1. Product

3.1.1. Features Tangibility Associated Attributes LifeCycle Exchange Value Need Satisfaction

3.1.2. Classification Consumer Convinience Shopping Speciality Industrial Raw Materials Supplies Accessory Equipment Installations

3.2. Service

3.2.1. Features Intangibility Perishability Inseperability Variability

3.2.2. Classification Financial Services Insurance Services Transport Services Warehousing Food and Lodging Entertainment Personal Repair

3.3. Communication

4. Selling

5. Advertising

6. Publicity