Greentopia 2

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Greentopia 2 by Mind Map: Greentopia 2

1. Flyer

2. No Center

3. Talk

3.1. Hi

3.1.1. Big Picture You are here High Falls, Earth How'd you get here? Have you been to Turning Point Park? Turning Point Park (just a few miles North.

3.1.2. Rochester Cycling Alliance, Center for Student Innovation Ask me about the Rochester Cycling Alliance! John Kennedy and the CSI

3.1.3. What we do Foster Student Innovations and Innovating Students Precocious competency combined with fierce naivete Why Cycling? a simple innovation that can solve many complex problems Environment Health Economic Revitalization National Security Reinvent Rochester

3.2. Rochester Rolling Revolution a personal perspective on a collective revolution

3.2.1. 3 years ago Parking Study new parking lot Must be a better way Looked at Map There could be a straight line bike trail connecting Great place to Innovate an Idea originated in Toronto

3.2.2. 2 years ago Rochester GreenRide and Cycling Summit Network Diagram Existing Community of Bikers, Doers, and Dreamers Rochester Cycling Alliance Website Attend Public Meetings Support Enlightened Local Officials One year of Awareness Building Represent the future Active Transportation Symposium

3.2.3. This year Rochester Bicycle Master Plan RIT Bicycle Corridor University of Rochester Improving the Lehigh Valley Trail" City Bike Lanes Sharrows Bike Racks Municipalities Chili Brighton County and Genesee Transportation Council Coordinating Group Effort to make a real GRATs Erie Lackawanna Bridge Plan to Fill in the Inner Loop!

3.2.4. Now Greentopia and Bike the Bridges Emerging Community Consensus Strong Government and Community Support Genesee Transportation Council City Townships Universities Rochester Bike Kids Rochester Cycling Alliance becoming a membership organization. Join us!

3.2.5. What next Get Rolling Vote with your feet Usage and enthusiasm goes a long way Support and Participate Ask for more, sooner Make the Network Visible Keep making it better Where were you when the Revolution Really Got Rolling? Riding the future Making Innovation happen