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HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Bloody Chamber - 1979 by Mind Map: HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Bloody Chamber - 1979

1. 2nd Wave Feminism

1.1. Spread throughout US in '60s

1.1.1. Based off of first wave feminism and the suffragettes

1.1.2. Demanded to be treated with dignity

1.2. Strived for stronger position of women in the US - not only politically & economic equality BUT also social equality

1.2.1. Cultural movement to change social norms

1.2.2. Some (but limited) focus on rights of people of colour

2. 3rd Wave Feminism

2.1. Began in '90s

2.1.1. Rooted in theorists of '80s & 2nd wave feminism

2.2. Fight against sexual harassment in the workplace

2.3. Seperation of "gender" and "sex" & Fight for Trans rights

3. UK Class Struggle '70s

3.1. Difficult years for UK politically & economically

3.1.1. Economic crisis in early '70s

3.1.2. Energy Crisis - power cuts throughout UK

3.2. Unemployment in over 5% of workforce (1 million unemployed)

3.3. Government tries to limit pay rises in 1978, and massive strikes ensue

3.4. Economic crisis

4. Culture & Inventions of the '70s

4.1. Stayin Alive

4.2. Mini-skirts

4.3. Cassette tapes more popular than records

4.4. AFFORDABLE microwave ovens

4.4.1. Due to inventions like these, women found that they no longer had to devote so much time to housework - now, can get jobs

5. Change for women in the '70s

5.1. Sex Discrimination Act of 1975

5.1.1. Employers no longer allowed to discriminate on basis of gender

5.2. Contraception ("The Pill") free of charge in 1974

5.3. Equal Pay Act of 1970

5.3.1. Though, took 5 years to take full effect