Quadratics and Functions

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Quadratics and Functions by Mind Map: Quadratics and Functions

1. Radical Function: a function whose rule is a radical exponent.

1.1. Square Root Function: a radical function involving the square root of x

1.2. Standard Form: another way to write a quadratic functions

1.2.1. Zero of a Function: the input x that makes y equal zero.

1.3. Roots of the Equation: variables in the equation that make it true

2. Quadratic Function: a function written as y= square root of x

2.1. Parabola: a u shaped curve made by a quadratic function

2.1.1. Axis of symmetry: a line through the parabola's vertex

2.2. Maximum Value: the y value when the parabola opens downward

2.2.1. Minimum Value: the y value when the parabola opens upward

2.2.2. Vertex: the high endpoint of the parabola Y-intercept: the point where the parabola crosses the y axis. Domain: all the x values in the graph

3. Binomials: Quadratics with two terms.

3.1. Trinomials: Quadratics with three terms

3.1.1. Polynomials: Quadratics with multiple terms

3.2. Factoring: a method for simplifying polynomials

4. Imaginary Unit: a different solution to the quadratic equation