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Game Project by Mind Map: Game Project

1. Development

1.1. Classes

1.1.1. (Before Elemental Update; afterwards, will be new "builds" we focus on creating the skills and equipment around)

1.1.2. Swordsman Able to wield a variety of blades during battle, and wear armor that protects them well, but slightly weighs them down. Highest Strength; Sturdy Armor

1.1.3. Rogue Swift and stealthy, Rogues carry various small blades as their main weapons. Highest Agility; Light Armor

1.1.4. Mage Fights directly with the raw power of the Elements. They carry a specialized book that allows them to employ a wide variety of skills. Because they are able to hold so much mana, they make the best healers. Highest Intelligence; Robes

1.2. Weapons

1.2.1. Swords Balanced speed and strength; some specialization

1.2.2. Daggers Faster, weaker attacks

1.2.3. Books? Staves? Weaker, slower attacks; boosts to intelligence

1.3. Stats

1.3.1. Strength: Increases physical attack

1.3.2. Endurance: Increases total health

1.3.3. Agility: Increases evasion Should eventually have a factor in movement speed (short burst based on stat?)

1.3.4. Intelligence: Increases Energy/Mana/MP

1.3.5. Willpower: Increases regeneration rate

1.4. Status Effects

1.4.1. Poison Wood Damages the target over time

1.4.2. Burn Fire Either damages the target over time, with a lower chance of infliction and higher DoT, or reduces mana/MP over time (it "burns away" your mana supply?)

1.4.3. Slow Ice Slows the target's movement and attack speeds

1.4.4. Paralyze Lightning Causes the target to become immobile, but may still use skills.

1.4.5. Silence Air Causes the target to become unable to use skills.

1.4.6. Blind Sand Either obscures the player's screen (meta effect) or actually lowers accuracy

1.4.7. Confuse Steam Causes the target's controls/motion to become reversed or random and scrambles speech

1.4.8. Vex Dark Causes the target to be damaged by a portion of any damage they inflict

1.5. Version Progression

1.5.1. The game will aim for the most basic functionality, requiring the least amount of coding. Later versions will implement advanced functionality in stages and may sometimes greatly change the game and characters.

1.5.2. Version 1 Basic engine functionality with only critical code changes

1.5.3. Version 2 Elemental Update Primarily, will implement the new elements system, skill trees, and status effects. Characters start out with one of the four primary elements of their choice. Later events or quests will allow them to obtain a second of the primary elements, which can combine with the first element to unlock a secondary element's skill tree. A rare third element, either Light or Dark, can be obtained to unlock extra benefits and another skill tree. Consequently, the skill trees will probably be fairly small independently. This update may also remove Classes so that development may be based solely on obtained elements and weapon type. Skill trees for each element could be different for different weapons. Another method could be, for example, having the rogue abilities unlocked by obtaining the Steam Element (Fire+Water), and a character focused on this would be best benefitted with dagger weapons. For this method, would have to set up the skill trees to encourage certain weapons, and worthwhile skills requiring multiple purchases in earlier skills in the tree for them to be unlocked.

1.5.4. Version 3 Competition Update The two opposing groups will be able to compete in an automated points system. Points may be obtained individually, by successfully performing certain tasks/feats (such as killing a certain enemy, PKing the other group, and collecting certain resources), or in groups, by working with guilds and through completing raids. Raids could be attacks on the enemy city/stronghold, or attacks to obtain control over the source. Control of the source will either be rewarded by a large, once-per-capture bonus or by a points-over-time process for as long as it remains in control. The side with the most points at the end of a specified period of time (bi-weekly, monthly?) gain benefits from having more resources to work with, such as additional guards (NPCs) in cities and patrols through territory, cheaper/more items in shops, and/or experience rate or attribute bonuses. There should be a fairly small window of time where no bonuses are held to give the other team fair footing in completing raids. Group leaders may be implemented, based on a vote (for however often each side wants the leader to change), mutiny, etc. Both sides should function fundamentally different in some way, even with player control over progression and leadership. Incentives will be offered to players to change sides when there is a notable imbalance in power (active players). This system will hopefully encourage (and require) plenty of community interaction, alliances, etc. Guilds could act as "teams" for each side to accomplish specific things, if they so choose.

1.6. Transportation System

1.6.1. This will likely consist of Quest-obtainable warp scrolls/spells for major cities, and hidden shortcuts that can be found or unlocked to get around the world more quickly.

2. Ideas

2.1. Alchemy will be dropped until such a time as it is deemed appropriate. Crystals and Aether/Void will be dropped permanently, along with the deities.

2.2. Player Guilds will follow previous ideas of implementation and moderation, including a limited number of active Guilds on each side (controlled through when and how many applications are available and what the requirements are). Each Guild should have a distinct reason for existing, separate from (but still beneficial to) their side.

2.3. Limited standard sprites for players in general, but are able to unlock others through events, titles, quests, etc.

2.4. Titles that are obtained through quests, events, actions, etc. (Think Tales of Symphonia)

2.5. Characters of each side should be immediately identifiable (excepting only with certain Rogue skills)

2.6. If accuracy in spells/skills is not implemented, add it for the Status Effects, as well as being able to have a chance of inflicting the effect, as well as adding damage

2.7. Trap spells

2.8. Possibly: on death, the player stays on the field (displayed as a "dead" sprite) and can be revived by certain skills. Forced to fade after some amount of time or other factors?

2.9. Elements

2.9.1. Elements obtained by players grant an advantage in a particular area (noted in Elements), and skills in their tree tend to aid in the same areas. They also grant some additional resistance against that element

2.9.2. People & NPCs could be neutral, resistant to, weak against, immune to, or can absorb each element; players could have different levels of resistances of each element (but many will be neutral) and equipment could help and provide effects; this would require obvious visual cues, though.

2.9.3. Eventually, we could have it so that all the elements are able to do certain things in the field, such as powering machines and destroying obstacles (temporarily)

3. Setting

3.1. Elements

3.1.1. Primary Water Suited to Intelligence Unlocks healing tree Earth Suited to Endurance Higher chance of Critical Hit Fire Suited to Strength Flames from attacks may Burn the target. Air Suited to Agility May Silence the enemy by using the wind to carry away their words.

3.1.2. Combinations Lightning Fire + Air The process of combustion is stopped short, leaving the remaining energy to be manipulated by air to create an electric charge. May Paralyze targets by shocking their nervous system. Ice Water + Air Water is frozen solid by a cold wind to form ice. May Slow targets by either partially enclosing them in ice or dropping their body temperature. Wood Water + Earth Residue of plant life in the Earth is revitalized and controlled with the Water that nurtures it. Dangerous fauna may be able to Poison targets. Steam Water + Fire Water is instantly heated to boiling point by Fire, causes an abundance of steam or mist. May Confuse the target by forming a mist to distract their senses. Unlocks the Rogue/Thief skill tree, allowing for abilities that will aid in sneaking, assassination, and espionage. Sand Earth + Air Earth is ground down to a grainy Sand or fine Dust by the Air. May Blind targets by obscuring their vision. Lava Earth + Fire Solid Earth is heated to such an extreme that it seems to melt. If pressure is enclosed and properly released, it holds the potential to become explosive. May Explode if pressure is properly built and released, dealing spread damage or causing the target to flinch. Life Water + Energy Water is used as the medium to carry pure Energy, allowing it to be directed beneficially into targets for healing.

3.1.3. Rare Light Raised from a person's inherent good, Light may be summoned by skilled individuals to attack, resurrect, and purify targets. Has a chance of Resurrecting the target from death, if they remain on the field. May Purify targets, eliminating any negative effects caused by the Elements and bolstering their stats. Dark Pulled from a person's inherent evil*, Darkness may be summoned by skilled individuals to attack, destroy, and Vex targets. Has a small chance of Destroying the target, weakening them to a near-death state. May Vex targets, causing them to feel the pain of their enemy.

3.2. Background

3.2.1. The Competing Nations The two nations began their conflict with the shortage of mana crystals. With only one major mine left available to them, known as the Source, the two groups began to vie for its control. When one nation is able to hold the Source long enough, their side is able to prosper. The two nations should have some distinct difference in structure and function. Nation A Nation B

3.2.2. Locations Nation A City of Water City of Wind Nation B City of Earth City of Fire Other Elemental Locations Lightning Ice Wood Steam Sand Lava

3.2.3. Mana Required for magic to function, which is used both in combat and everyday life. Some amount of Mana is stored naturally in the body. The total amount may be expanded through study and training. Crystals Natural formations of pure energy found in the ground. These may be used to replenish the body's Mana, as opposed to waiting for it to build back up on its own. In addition to replenishing mana, they are also used in daily functions, such as farming, and equipment. As the critical resource for life, control of their source is the core purpose of the conflict.