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Game Project by Mind Map: Game Project
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Game Project


Alchemy will be dropped until such a time as it is deemed appropriate. Crystals and Aether/Void will be dropped permanently, along with the deities.

Player Guilds will follow previous ideas of implementation and moderation, including a limited number of active Guilds on each side (controlled through when and how many applications are available and what the requirements are). Each Guild should have a distinct reason for existing, separate from (but still beneficial to) their side.

Limited standard sprites for players in general, but are able to unlock others through events, titles, quests, etc.

Titles that are obtained through quests, events, actions, etc. (Think Tales of Symphonia)

Characters of each side should be immediately identifiable (excepting only with certain Rogue skills)

If accuracy in spells/skills is not implemented, add it for the Status Effects, as well as being able to have a chance of inflicting the effect, as well as adding damage

Trap spells

Possibly: on death, the player stays on the field (displayed as a "dead" sprite) and can be revived by certain skills. Forced to fade after some amount of time or other factors?









Status Effects

Version Progression

Transportation System