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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Element of an Information System

1.1. Hardware

1.1.1. The components of a Computer Input Device Output Device System Unit Storage Device Communication Device Communicate Research and Access Information Bank and Invest Online Trading

1.1.2. Categories of Computers Personal Computers PC Apple Mobile Computers and Mobile Devices Notebook Computer Tablet PC Smart Phone PDA Handheld Computer Portable media player Digital camera Game Consoles Severs Mainframes SuperComputers Embedded Computers Consumer Electronics Home Automation Automobiles Process Controller and Robotics Computer Devices and Office Machines

1.2. Software

1.2.1. System Software

1.2.2. Application Software Computer Applications in Society Education Finance Government Health Care Science Publishing Travel Manufacturing Network and the Internet Communicate Research and Access Information Shop Bank and Invest Online Trading Entertainment Download Music Share Video Web Application

1.3. Data

1.4. People

1.4.1. Examples of Computer Usage Home User Small office/Home office User Mobile User Power User Enterprise User

1.5. Procedures

2. Advantages of Using Computers

2.1. Speed

2.2. Reiiability

2.3. Consistency

2.4. Storage

2.5. Communications

3. Disadvantages of Using Computers

3.1. Health Risks

3.2. Violation of Privacy

3.3. Public Safety

3.4. Impact on Labor Force

3.5. Impact on Environment