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Craig by Mind Map: Craig

1. Economic/Financial

1.1. Private Health Insurance

1.2. Car insurance

1.2.1. Covers the costs of repairing Craig’s truck after his accident

1.3. Medicare

1.3.1. Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – Craig is eligible for this and it allows subsidises medications which he required for his kidney disease treatment

1.3.2. The Medicare Benefits Schedule – This provides subsidies for Craig including in management, planning and care involved with his kidney disease. Furthermore, they can be referred to up to five allied health services for a subsidised cost.

1.4. Financial Support

1.4.1. Centrelink Sickness Allowance – Craig may be eligible for this which provides support for individuals when they are unable to work due to illness.

1.4.2. Travel Reimbursements – This provides financial assistance to individuals who are living more than 100km away from a dialysis centre and it covers both travel and accommodation

1.4.3. Centrelink Carers Payment – Long Term Dialysis Support – If Melina becomes Craig’s primary carer she may be eligible for this particularly as Craig is in the late stage of his disease.

1.4.4. The Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) covers some travel and accommodation costs incurred by rural Victorians when they travel more than 100 kilometres one way for specialist medical treatment. Craig would be eligible for this service if he is able to receive a signed claim form from his medical specialist.


3. Social

3.1. Community Services

3.1.1. If Craig integrates himself in the community it can establish his connection with the community and his support system which becomes an important aspect of managing his diagnosis. These includes being involved in the volunteering services offered by the Lakes Entrance (GLCH) community centre including organising community-run events.

3.2. Spiritual services

3.2.1. It may benefit Craig to experience holistic healthcare and emotional support if he considers himself to be a spiritual person. Lakes Entrance offers Purpose in the Hub, Love-Light Co-Creative Healthcare and Purple heart Healing and Support Centre which all aim to work alongside conventional medical services and healthcare to offer emotional and spiritual support and healing.

3.3. Family Counselling

3.3.1. This can assist Craig and his family in adjusting to impact of the complications involved with his kidney disease. Relationships Australia Victoria is an organisation which provides these services. The nearest location is in Lakes Entrance as provided by Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance - 18 – 28 Jemmeson Street, Lakes Entrance Vic 3909. P: (03) 5155 8300. Telephone counselling is also available and this can be accessed by Craig and his family if there are transportation issues.

3.4. Childcare

3.4.1. Craig and Melina may need to use the Lakes Entrance Child Care service as they are strained by having to manage both Melina’s employment and Craig’s medical appointments.

3.5. Support Groups

3.5.1. Kidney Australia This is a more specific support group more focused on supporting Craig through his stage 4 kidney disease. This includes the Kidney Health Information Service which is a free national phone service (1800 454 363) that offers information and advice for individuals as well as further referring them to appropriate services.

3.5.2. A Kidney Forum is also available for Craig to connect with individuals who are also living with the same disease and may be facing similar situations.

3.5.3. Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance. General Support Groups are provided by the Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance. - 18 – 28 Jemmeson Street, Lakes Entrance Vic 3909. P: (03) 5155 8300.

4. Transport

4.1. Bus

4.1.1. Red Cross Transport Service: this is a volunteer run service providing transport to essential, short term medical treatment for up to 6 weeks. Craig may be eligible as he lives in a remote area without direct access to public transport, may sometimes be unable to drive or be driven by a his wife while she takes care of their children, and if he does not qualify for the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS). Requests for transport must be completed by his GP or a health worker at least one week prior to the appointment date.

4.1.2. Zaffina Bus Lines is a Lakes Entrance/Sale transit which has services from Monday to Friday. Arriving at Sale offers Craig the option to travel to Melbourne via both bus and train.

4.2. Train

4.2.1. Regional coaches are available to and from Lakes Entrance to Sale and Gippsland which then transfer to Melbourne.

4.3. Truck/Car

4.3.1. The closest major towns are Sale (106km) and Gippsland (79.2km) which are about a 1.5 hour drive from Lakes Entrance. Bairnsdale (40km) is also a larger town located close to Lakes Entrance.

4.3.2. A local mechanic in Lakes Entrance, Hodak Automotive, would most likely need to be consulted in order to repair Craig’s truck after it collided with the cow and tree in his roadside accident. - 2/ 55 Whiters St, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909





9. Complementary and Alternative Medicine

9.1. Yoga

9.1.1. Development of strength and flexibility - mainly for back pain Available at Purpose in the Hub 10 Myer Street, Lakes Entrance, Victoria 3909

9.2. Chiropractors

9.2.1. Chronic back pain relief through Spinal manipulation and individualised manual therapy by addressing musculoskeletal disorders - can also refer to Dieticians Gippsland Lakes Chiropractic Centre - 377 Esplanade, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909

10. Specialist Services

10.1. Renal Physician/Nephrologist

10.1.1. Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (The BRHS Dialysis Unit)

10.1.2. Melbourne kidney services/hospitals

10.2. Surgeon

10.2.1. Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

10.2.2. Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

10.2.3. May be needed for renal transplant

11. Allied Health Services

11.1. Mental

11.1.1. Counsellors Provides mental health therapy and helps with managing the clinical care Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

11.1.2. Social Workers Will help Craig develop his wellbeing and resource allocation skill in order to solve problems himself Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

11.1.3. Mental Health Services Primary care unit for those with mental illnesses (if Craig has/develops one) Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance Various psychological and counselling services in Lakes Entrance such as

11.2. Physical

11.2.1. Pharmacists AMCAL Pharmacy Lakes Entrance Enables safe and effective medication/usage

11.2.2. Dieticians Supportive Care (an alternative to renal dialysis) - come up with individualised meal plan for the patient Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

11.2.3. Nurses Clinical nurses (care at the hospitals) Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Visiting nurses to Lakes Entrance (GLCH based) district Helps with injections, supervision and medicine administration, may be able to help with home dialysis

11.2.4. Immunisations Prevents the renal patient from incidence/lowers severity of vaccine -preventable disease especially in immunocompromised patients who will need renal transplants Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

11.2.5. Dialysis At hospital Mainly by nursing staff, reinforced by medical professionals from Royal Melbourne Hospital through satellite programme Home dialysis Aided by health professionals from the hospital such as visiting nurses, aid from Kidney Health Australia

11.2.6. Health Promotion and Education Provide health information and referrals regarding renal condition, Kidney Health Info Service at 1800 4543 63, Telehealth by Department of Health and Human Services Health education regarding management of chronic pain as to avoid heavy use of analgesics and to ensure the patient gets help in time, Health promotion/education services at Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance

12. Pain Management/Palliative Care

12.1. Psychiatrists

12.1.1. Cognitive therapy for behavioral modification - relaxation, coping techniques for pain (for back pain mainly) Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance Gippsland Psychiatric Services, 4 Gordon St, Korumburra VIC 3950

12.2. Anesthetists

12.2.1. General pain management (back pain) and before/after surgery care (renal, if necessary) Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

12.3. Pharmacists

12.3.1. Enable safe and effective medication/usage AMCAL Pharmacy Lakes Entrance

12.4. Interventional Radiologists

12.4.1. Pre-operative screening and detection of stenosis and thrombosis of dialysis fistulas and their treatment Melbourne Interventional Radiologists Group, Alfred Hospital, etc. (all of which are Melbourne based)

13. Rehabilitation Services

13.1. Renal Resource Central (VIC)

13.1.1. Information and educational material, telephone counselling, referrals Telephone: +61 2 9462 9455 Freecall: 1800 257 189 [email protected]

13.2. Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services

13.2.1. Under the Commonwealth Government, and deals more with non-clinical/vocational rehabilitation with getting back to their job or getting a new one Office in either Mildura or Swan Hill (nearest).

13.3. Physiotherapists

13.3.1. Improves the quality of life Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance Active Body renal rehabilitation at

13.4. Physical and Occupational Therapists

13.4.1. Helps regain independence in daily activities by restoring physical functioning Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippsland Lakes Community Health, Lakes Entrance









22. Rural Concept Map Lakes Entrance done by: 27771679, 29719801, 29716489, 29666937, 29657393

23. Legend: Left side of page in green: Non-clinical services Right side of page in blue: Clinical services