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Traineed by Mind Map: Traineed

1. Technical architecture

1.1. Amazon Services

1.1.1. Alexa Web Search To crawl millions of webpages

1.1.2. Amazon s3 To store millions (possibly billions) of results

1.1.3. Amazon ec2 To effectively scale during computation of regular expressions of

1.2. .NET C#

1.2.1. building huge strong and powerful regular expressions to capture the most out of the stuff harvested in Alexa Web Search

1.3. hosting provider

1.3.1. For website pages

1.4. Pattern harvesting

1.4.1. Java Web Harvester (XSL pattern-based) Hochschule

1.4.2. Topic/category recognition

1.5. Data mining

1.5.1. Talend

1.6. Geographical plotting

1.6.1. GoogleMaps

2. Offerings

2.1. Connection with existent services

2.1.1. Social networks LinkedIn Naymz (to share training material on web) slideshare

2.1.2. Business services virtual phone numbers for teachers found in linkedin self entered training directory book library from Amazon

2.1.3. Event harvesters/directories Upcoming (Yahoo)

2.2. B2C

2.2.1. Find your training Search training topics Search by training level Academic General training Search by speaker Search by location

2.2.2. Build your training path be advised when a particular training will be held geographically by topic insert specific needs Career general education

2.2.3. Sell your training (to give people visibility they need to cast their events) by topic

2.2.4. Connect with ex-alumni Ask alumni Share materials

2.2.5. Connect with Speakers Ask Speaker Speaker profile Speaker events

2.3. B2B

2.3.1. Post a training/event

2.3.2. Sell a training Sell training material Advertise payed workshops Sell material reprint

2.3.3. Find trainers/speakers By topics By locations By "followers"

3. Customers

3.1. training centers

3.1.1. To give them visibility and tools to advertise their courses and events

3.2. people interested in training

3.2.1. Educational

3.2.2. Workers

3.2.3. Hobby/Spare time

3.2.4. Sports ?

3.3. training materials producers

3.3.1. projectors

3.3.2. room rentals

3.3.3. stationery paper gadgets business cards

4. Objective

4.1. To build a global directory of trainings, events, workshops, conferences, seminars... harvesting informations from websites or user generated content

4.1.1. about training Crawler free user submission (UGC) payed entries (showed as relevant)

4.1.2. about events Geographically

4.1.3. geographically

4.1.4. by topic

4.1.5. by calendar

4.2. To learn more about training/events trends and patters