My dreams are made in China

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My dreams are made in China by Mind Map: My dreams are made in China

1. Cost

1.1. Material costs

1.2. Cost per hour

1.3. Storage costs

1.4. Work space coast

1.5. Equipment costs

2. Technical

2.1. Scanography

2.1.1. Scanner Epson Perfaction 750 Pro A4 At resolution 2400 dpi

2.1.2. Studio A double kitchen cabinet

2.2. Print

2.2.1. Printer: Epson SureColor P9000

2.2.2. Paper: Epson Primium glossy 260g

2.3. Visual effects

2.3.1. Materials and objects Glitter Gift wrapping paper Happy Meal objects Flea market toys Other found objects

2.3.2. Objects that are shiny

2.3.3. Objects that are hard to define the size of

2.3.4. Very low depth of field

3. Background

3.1. Related work of Eivind Lentz

3.2. Education

4. Culture

4.1. American cultural imperialism

4.1.1. Western culture

4.1.2. Globalization

4.1.3. Popular culture

4.2. Image history

4.2.1. Art history

4.2.2. Photography history Diorama

5. New Topic