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Potato Soup by Mind Map: Potato Soup

1. Next, I will offer a feedback session

2. Analysis

2.1. Type of potato used: Russet

2.2. Audience will be: culinary class

2.2.1. All items may be purchased at your local grocer First, dice 2 medium sized potatoes In a large pot, combine butter, onion, flour, broth, water, corn starch, salt, pepper, basil and thyme to a boil at med/high temperature. Next, add diced potatoes, mashed potato flakes and half and half.Bring back to a boil until soup has thickened to your desired consistency. Optional items may be added to the soup; ham or garlic powder for taste.

2.3. Items needed to make the soup

2.3.1. 2 medium potatoes

2.3.2. 3 tablespoons of butter

2.3.3. 1 cup diced yellow onion

2.3.4. 2 Tablespoons white flour

2.3.5. 4 cups chicken broth

2.3.6. 2 cups water

2.3.7. 1/4 cup corn starch

2.3.8. 1 1/2 cups instant mashed potatoes

2.3.9. 1 teaspoon salt

2.3.10. 3/4 teaspoon pepper

2.3.11. 1/8 teaspoon dry thyme and basil each

2.3.12. 1 cup half and half

3. Design

3.1. Goals: To teach others how to make potato soup from scratch

3.1.1. Class will be blended; students will practice making their own soup at home and bring it to class for tasting and thoughts on the process (this will be assessment). Skills achieved will be following instructions, learning measurements and how to prepare something from scratch.

4. Evaluation

4.1. Have a one-on-one evaluation with a friend to see if the techniques used are feasible to learning

4.1.1. Meet with a small group of friends to check the clarity and feasibility of the lesson Offer a summative evaluation to students to see what their thoughts were on the course and what could be done to make it better in the future. Assessment of students learning and feedback on what they got out of the course.

5. Implement

5.1. Introduction of the lesson will include: videos of chefs and different foodies in the business to get the class excited/motivated about making a culinary treat.

5.1.1. There will be a brief question and answer session to find out who likes cooking and who has made something from scratch before.

6. Development

6.1. Instructor will provide an online course where students can watch her making the soup from scratch in her own kitchen and ask any questions before doing it on their own. (A run through)