Wet land and waterfowl Background Information

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Wet land and waterfowl Background Information by Mind Map: Wet land and waterfowl Background Information

1. Introduction

1.1. wetlands rely on waterfowl to control there vegetation

1.2. the size of wetlands has reduced in Michigan

1.3. wetlands and waterfowls are important to Michigan heritage

2. History

2.1. 200 years ago Europeans arrived at the wetlands

2.2. succession of American Indians made efficient use of wetlands

2.3. 12 thousand years ago the ice age was over

3. Major wetland types

3.1. bogs

3.1.1. bogs open water may be surrounded by vegetation

3.2. Swamps

3.2.1. described as flooded woodlands or shrublands

3.2.2. occur along most often along streams or floodplains

3.3. Marshes

3.3.1. They are dominated by soft stemmed plants

3.3.2. marshes might be called "flooded grasslands"

4. Why are Wetlands Important?

4.1. wetlands produce the most wildlife and plants

4.2. wildlife species live in our utlized wetlands

5. What Are Threats to Wetlands

5.1. greatly increase of wetland loss due to drainage by humans

5.2. mostly smaller wetlands are still around