EDT321 ePortfolio

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EDT321 ePortfolio by Mind Map: EDT321 ePortfolio

1. Home

1.1. home page will contain info about me and the banner for all other pages

1.1.1. weebly and other social media icons will be used here

2. Contact: contact me personally

2.1. Contact page so visitors can contact me, also links to my social media

3. Course Projects: page will have a general descriptions of all the course projects i will have completed

3.1. Digital Photo: TBD

3.2. Graphic Design/QR code: will be a buisness card

3.3. Social Media PowerPoint: how social media can help law enforcement

3.4. Google Form: collaborative reports among officers

3.5. Infographic: Helpful reminder for rookie officers to ease into the field

3.6. Google products presentation: TBD

3.7. Digital Story: TBD

3.8. Cover letter & resume for law enforcement

4. Professional Resources: page will contain resources for future police officers

4.1. will be a way to have other people looking to get into the same field some podcast and polls to help learn the job

5. Blog: emerging technology in the field

5.1. will have blog entries about new technologies to the field of law enforcement

6. Tagline: Helping officers be less Green and more Blue