PTT swats monopoly tag

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PTT swats monopoly tag by Mind Map: PTT swats monopoly tag

1. Main point

1.1. Who

1.1.1. PTT

1.2. What

1.2.1. defended Korn Chatikavanij about that they took over Glow company.

1.3. Why

1.3.1. to argue the excuse that it would be a monopoly company of energy.

2. Cause

2.1. French firm sold Glow company in Thailand to PTT.

2.1.1. Glow company wanted to change its business platform with French government's policy.

2.2. Korn Chatikavanij posted that the deal was violated the country's constitution.

3. The asset of Glow company

3.1. 69.11 shares were bought by PTT

3.2. 30.89 shares were bought by a tender offer

3.3. Its worth is about 139 billion baht

4. PTT's ability after got Glow company

4.1. It will be ranked the forth-largest power producer for the industrial sector.

4.2. It will enable the business development and cost efficiency.

4.3. It is preparing to expand the oil and gas businesses and focus on the massive investment.

4.4. PTT's new business diversification plans to invest the high-speed railway linking three airports.

4.4.1. Don Mueang

4.4.2. U-tapao

4.4.3. Suvarnabhumi