ATLs Embedded in School Culture

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ATLs Embedded in School Culture by Mind Map: ATLs Embedded in School Culture

1. Professional Development

1.1. Modeling ATL Strategies

1.2. Valuing teacher time

1.3. Specific Focus and Benefit

1.4. Staff Meetings

1.5. Goal-setting

2. Policies

2.1. Coordinated Calendar of Assessments

2.2. Academic Honesty

2.3. Student Attendance

3. Assessment

3.1. Authentic and objectively valuable

3.2. Grading that reflects ATL values

3.3. External exam format

3.4. Formative and used for reflection

3.5. Inquiry-based

4. Collaborative Teams

4.1. Grade-level planning teams

4.2. Subject area group planning teams

4.3. Librarian and subject areas

4.4. Reflecting on data to impact instruction

4.5. Goal-setting

4.6. Core team: TOK, EE, CAS