7 questions to move from an idea into a business model

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IDEA by Mind Map: IDEA

1. How many people do you need in your team? What skills?

2. What skills/knowledge?

3. How will your customers find and access your products or services?

4. Problem to Solve

4.1. Students

4.1.1. Describe the profile of the people that would benefit from fixing this problem and are willing and able to pay for it

4.1.2. How many customers/beneficiaries do you estimate? How can you find out? Surveys Interviews Online research GCC Library Database Research Other sources?

4.1.3. How much do they need the solution? How important is it to them?

4.2. Who else is addressing this problem?

4.2.1. Potential Partners

4.2.2. Competitors

5. How will you make money?

5.1. Donations?

5.2. Product/service sales?

5.3. Other?

5.4. Subscription?

5.5. Advertising?

5.6. Commissions?

5.7. How much money do you estimate making per month or per year after launching your business or venture?

5.7.1. What is your price per product or hr of service?

5.7.2. How many customers would want to buy this solution?

6. What do you need to get this going?

6.1. Financial resources?

6.2. Technology?

6.3. Connections?

6.4. How much time?

7. Why you? Why this idea?

8. Describe your solution?