Processing a Crime Scene

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Processing a Crime Scene by Mind Map: Processing a Crime Scene

1. Photograph

1.1. should contain

1.1.1. a ruler to clearly show scale

1.2. should be

1.2.1. close-up and high quality

2. Sketch

2.1. should be a

2.1.1. diagram including a key scale legend conditions

2.2. should

2.2.1. record only evidence within the crime scene the layout of the crime scene exact position of the victim (if there is one)

3. Collect Evidence

3.1. in order to

3.1.1. establish that a crime has been committed

3.1.2. provide a link between a crime and its victim or between a crime and its perpetrator

3.2. to be

3.2.1. further analyzed by a crime laboratory make sure that all chances of contamination and/or tampering of evidence must be prevented

4. Interview

4.1. goal is to

4.1.1. develop a hypothesis for the case ask the questions: what happened? did a crime take place? how was the crime committed?

5. Examine

5.1. use a

5.1.1. systematic search method in order to find and mark any evidence obtain and overview of the layout of the crime scene