Rights in early childhood

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Rights in early childhood by Mind Map: Rights in early childhood

1. stats

1.1. 12 million girls are subjected to child marriage every year

1.2. 23% of women between the ages of 20 and 24 married before they turned 18, and 5% before they turned 15.

2. focus

2.1. protection

2.2. promotion

2.3. guarantee

2.4. Defense

3. goal: education for all

3.1. challenge

3.1.1. promote EFA policies taking into account poverty sustainable development

3.2. tensions

3.2.1. insufficient funding of basic education

3.3. stats

3.3.1. The EFA 2000 Assessment shows more than 113 million children have no access to primary education and 880 million adults are illiterate

4. goal: achieve gender equality in education for 2015

4.1. challange

4.1.1. guarantee equal access to education for boys and girls

4.2. tensions

4.2.1. Lack of the necessary resources to guarantee an equitable education

4.3. stats

4.3.1. 58% of young people who do not finish primary school are girls.

5. Goal: Reduction in infant and under-fi ve mortality rates

5.1. challange

5.1.1. reach women and children with little access to public services

5.2. tensions

5.2.1. contaminated water

5.2.2. precarious homes

5.2.3. malnutrition

5.2.4. infectious diseases

5.3. stats

5.3.1. Yet 143 million under-five children in the developing world continue to suffer from undernutrition

5.3.2. Some 4,500 children die every day from lack of drinking water and basic sanitation facilities

6. The World Fit for Children goal is to end early and forced marriage

6.1. challange

6.1.1. raise awareness of the extent of child marriage and the human rights abuse it constitutes

6.2. tensions

6.2.1. Pregnancy-related deaths are the leading cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19 all over the world who are forced to marry

7. provide antiretroviral treatment or cotrimoxazole or both to 80% of children in need

7.1. challange