Audiences For Short Films

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Audiences For Short Films by Mind Map: Audiences For Short Films

1. YouTube

1.1. You Tube created in 2005, allows its users to upload media content as well as view them. Anyone can use You Tube to watch videos, however it is becoming a growing popular way to view short films, as well as through sites like You Tube called Viemo.

1.1.1. Audience The main audience for this i feel is the younger generation. With the main reason being that is easier for the older generation to access short films through hard copy, rather than through the growing technology built up around the younger generation. Within a matter of seconds films can be watched through You Tube hear are some examples... This is the short film Tea Break, a very simple idea with minimal dialogue however creating a good story line engaging the audience. However short films are also watched through sites such as You Tube because if purchasing a Hard Copy, short films are not intend to be watched numerous amounts of times.

2. Social Networking sites

2.1. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Bebo are only a few to name. These social networking sites have on average 800 million users each day.

2.1.1. Audience In my opinion years ago when Facebook began i would have said that the main audience for social networking sites would of been the younger generation ranging from 13-20. However now that the site is growing the audience is becoming a lot wider. Here is a page on Facebbok that i foun, it shows the history as well as the meaning of short films... However the main reason why i have put Social networking sites as a distribution for short films is because it helps sites such as YOu tube and vimeo that show short films to advertise and promote their web pages. With the internet becoming a phonomenium soon i believe hard copies will be wiped and the only way to view films will be via downloading.

3. Hard Copy

3.1. With the first video tape being made in the 1950's to the introduction of DVD's in 1995, and now the new generation of Blue Rya DVD's and 3D films. Hard Copy is still around however is not the most popular way to access short films.

3.1.1. Audience The main audience for this type of distribution in terms of short film is very wide. The main reason for this is it's distributing destinations, such as supermarkets and music stores such as HMV. However within these shops short films are very rare and feature length films are the most popular. The reason for a wide audience is because it is within easy reach and acts as cohesion as shoppers buying weekly items such as food, would find DVD's within the same store.

3.2. DVD decline link to Daily Mail...

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3.3. WIth a massive drop in DVD purchases sales are down by 5.7 million last year.

4. Film Festivals

4.1. Film festivals aren't the most common way nowadays to view short films. However they are still run all around the world celebrating the making of short films as well as viewing them.

4.2. The first major film festival was held in Venice in 1932. Most film festivals have entry fees for the filmmakers, however smaller festivals do not. The main reason for this is to have their works screened in front of various people to spread the word and name of the director.

4.2.1. Audience The main audience for film festivals is more of a slightly older generation. The main reason being because to enter a film festival there is a need of passion for short films, wanting to show appreciation to the hard work and effort gone into the making of them. Whereas the younger generation watch them virally.

4.3. Here is an image of Cannes Festival in 2007...

5. illegal Download Sites

5.1. Illegal downloading sites are found all over the world wide web, and allow people to download short films illegally onto their PC's for free. This is a hug problem for that industry as money isn't being made. However recognition of director is being made building a reputation for directors and production companys.

5.1.1. Audience The main audience for this is the younger generation. This is because it is beaming a growing popularity within this generation with the biggest reason being the work FREE!. However interns of quality pirate copes of movies normally do not have the same quality was purchased movies off of sites such as ITunes.