Magpie - Information Architecture

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Magpie - Information Architecture by Mind Map: Magpie - Information Architecture

1. Leaderboard

1.1. Categories Switch

1.1.1. Local

1.1.2. Everyone

1.1.3. Other? We'll see what data is available and what are users asking for.

1.2. List of players

1.2.1. A player Position # Position shift ↑ or ↓ in the last 24 hours Photo Nickname Number of points

2. Onboarding

2.1. Enter phone number

2.1.1. validate via SMS Set up profile One-arm-bandit UI to randomly pick avatar and nickname Edit nickname Choose avatar from a slider

3. Home

3.1. Pull down to refresh

3.2. Player Bar

3.2.1. Photo

3.2.2. Nickname

3.2.3. Number of points

3.2.4. Leaderboard position

3.2.5. Tap to open profile Player profile TBD

3.3. Current Challenges

3.3.1. List of challenges A challenge Thumbnail Name Number of participants Time left Tap to open details view

3.4. Upcoming

3.4.1. A challenge Thumbnail Name Time until active