Jason Xiao

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Jason Xiao by Mind Map: Jason Xiao

1. The Past

1.1. Born on June 29th, 2002

1.1.1. Oldest child

1.2. My family is from China and they immigrated to Canada in 1990.

1.2.1. Struggled with getting jobs and education at first, but they learned to adapt and was able to progress to where I am at right now

1.3. Born in Richmond

1.3.1. Attended McNeely elementary school

1.4. Dislocated my pinkie toe and was not able to walk properly for 3 months

1.4.1. First time I saw my bone in person I rode my skateboard in the house and hit the corner of the bed frame Happened on July 2014

2. The Present

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. I am very good at reading out loud I have long stamina Good with electronics such as computers and smartphones

2.2. Interests

2.2.1. I like to swim, play basketball and hang out with friends I also love exploring and trying new things at least once I love meeting new people because it gives me more reasons to be social

2.3. Challenges

2.3.1. I want to be able to bench press 135 pounds Challenge myself and push myself to study during my free time instead of hanging out with friends To be able to spend money more wisely instead of just throwing money at some garbage

2.4. Goals

2.4.1. To successfully graduate high school Get good grades and get into a good university Find a job that can support myself

3. The Future

3.1. Jobs

3.1.1. In the future I want to become a pilot because I would be able to travel to different places around the world and get paid for it I also want to become a professional chef because I can cook delicious meals for myself and my family. If everything goes wrong, join the military because they can provide a lot of benefits and help you get fit

3.2. Lifestyle

3.2.1. I want to be young and rich, possibly with a wife and kids. Become a famous rapper and make music for the rest of my life. Make it into the NBA and play ball and make a lot of money while playing your favorite sport.

3.3. Dreams

3.3.1. I want to be able to move to California and live in the Hollywood hills in a mansion Own a multi-billion company that can change the world and provide tons of benefits to everyone in the world End world hunger

3.4. Connections

3.4.1. I hope I am able to stay connected with my friends after high-school and support each other for the rest of our lives together