What i know about Australia

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What i know about Australia by Mind Map: What i know about Australia

1. Sport

1.1. Australia have there own form of football

1.2. Surfing is a very popular sport in Australia

2. History

2.1. The first people that live in Austraila moved to Australia for 42,000 years ago. They are called aboriginal people

2.2. In 1770 the british claimed Australia. It became a British colony.

3. Queen

3.1. Queen elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia. She does not live there but she visit the country some times.

4. Animals

4.1. kangaroo

4.1.1. Carrie there babys in a pouch

4.2. crocodile

4.3. koala

4.3.1. lives in trees

4.3.2. Eat eucalyptus leaves

4.4. platypus

4.5. spider

4.6. snake

5. cities

5.1. canberra

5.1.1. Is the capital of Australia

5.2. sidney

5.2.1. Is the biggest city in Australia

5.3. Townsville

5.4. Newcastle

5.5. Wollongong

5.6. Melbourne

6. Desert

6.1. Victoria

6.1.1. Area 348,750 km