Easy access the tools and information you need in your daily work

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Easy access the tools and information you need in your daily work by Mind Map: Easy access the tools and information you need in your daily work

1. Administrators

1.1. Want to replace paper forms with online forms

1.1.1. 50% of forms should be on the intranet

1.1.2. Be able to create forms for common applications and requests

1.1.3. Make it possible for users to digitally sign forms

1.2. Need to avoid a lot of emails and phone calls just to forward documents and applications

1.2.1. Survey to users that asks about reduced use of email

1.2.2. Be able to create administrative workflows

1.2.3. Being able to notify others about pending tickets/forms/issues

1.3. Want to be able to answer administrative queries on the intranet

1.3.1. 90% of administrative questions are made through the intranet

1.3.2. Receive messages sent from a contact form

2. Editors

2.1. Need to ensure that content is up to date

2.1.1. No more than 5% of pages have been reported to contain out of date content

2.1.2. Be able to set publication and unpublication or expiration dates

2.1.3. Be alerted when content "expires"

2.1.4. Be alerted when dead links are detected (happens automatically)

2.1.5. Be able to list the pages he/she edits by age, oldest first

2.2. Want feedback on the quality of content

2.2.1. 20% of users have rated content

2.2.2. Be able to receive comments from users on the quality of content

2.2.3. Be able to see how users rate content (1-10)

2.3. Need to reach users effectively

2.3.1. Directly targeted content is seen by 80% of targeted users

2.3.2. Be able to direct content to specific groups through forums and categories

2.3.3. Be able to post news that everyone sees

2.3.4. Be able to post high priority content that is highly visible

3. Employees

3.1. Want to collaborate with others

3.1.1. 50% of users post in a discussion group at least twice a week

3.1.2. Be able to create forums or discussion groups

3.1.3. Be able to share files

3.1.4. Be able to chat realtime

3.1.5. Receive updates on what colleagues are doing right now

3.1.6. Be able to post comments on content

3.2. Need to find information

3.2.1. 80% of searches result in relevant matching search results

3.2.2. Search text, keywords, tags or facets

3.2.3. Browse content by category or tag

3.2.4. Be able to favorite/bookmark content

3.3. Need to be sure information is accurate and up to date

3.3.1. All content has an editor assigned

3.3.2. Be able to see when something was last updated and by whom

3.3.3. Be able to easily contact the content author

4. Employees prefer to use intranet than paper-based manuals or email

5. Employees report being more effective as a result of using the intranet

6. 70% of staff should log in to the intranet at least once every day