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Key Words by Mind Map: Key Words

1. Improving information literacy

2. Information AND literacy AND improving

3. Information AND literacy skills NOT reading/writing skills

4. Information AND literacy OR research AND skills

5. information AND literacy

6. Information AND literacy improvement

7. Improving research

8. Enhance research AND skills

9. 1) What is the main idea of each article? The main idea of the article from a website was the importance of teaching first-year students information literacy. The main idea of the article from a database was the relationship between students cognitive development and teaching student information literacy. 2) What is the purpose of each article? The purpose of both articles is to inform the audience about information literacy and ways for educators and librarian to help students improve their information literacy. 3) What is the author’s target audience and how does that affect the way the information is selected and presented? The author's targeted audience for both articles was librarians and educators. 4) Which article has the highest degree of authority? Provide evidence to support your conclusion. The article chosen from the database has the highest degree of authority. Unlike the article chosen from the website, editors Lori Arp and Beth S. Woodward are both librarians at universities; Woodward being the head librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Arp, an assistant librarian at Northwestern University. Knowing that Arp and Woodward are librarians makes the article a much more value than an article written by someone outside of that field. 5) Which article is the most timely? Provide evidence to support your conclusion. The article that is the most timely is the article chosen from the database. Although author Mary Bart provided librarians and educators methods on improving first-year student's information literacy, author Rebecca Jackson found the root problem to why students lack information literacy, while acknowledging possible solutions for librarians to help students obtain that skill. 6) Which article is the most relevant? Provide evidence to support your conclusion. The article from the database is the most relevant. Bart provided methods for both educators and librarians, which was perfect for the point of this assignment, but Jackson's article went in depth to connecting cognitive development to information literacy as well as providing solutions that will benefit all students. Reflecting on the purpose of this module and how each assignment is designed for student's with different levels of understanding, it is proof that Jackson's article is the most relevant.

10. Information Literacy: Improving Student Research Skills in a Wikipedia World (Website)

11. Cognitive Development: the Missing Link in Teaching Information Literacy Skills (Database)