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PHASE 4 by Mind Map: PHASE 4


1.1. Education

1.1.1. :movie_camera: Watch all lessons in Module 8

1.2. :page_facing_up: Develop your keyword list. If you didn't watch Module 8 (as suggested above), do that now! You need that training before writing a keyword list.

1.2.1. If you want to engage experts, contact They can create your keyword list and handle almost all of the heavy lifting at this phase. They can: - write the keyword list - write your headlines, bullet points and sales copy with those keywords in mind - do your product photography Tell them that you're a Reliable Education student for special rates.

1.3. Setting Up Your Product Listing On Amazon

1.3.1. Write your product listing. Specifically, your headline, your bullet points, your product description. These are all the words that appear on your listing page to the public. All of the other data (below) are only seen in the back end for Amazon's algorithm. Be sure to work your top keywords into your headline, bullet points and product description! Many students hire experts to do this. We recommend They are experts at writing keyword optimized Amazon listings. In the interests of full disclosure, Reliable Education are shareholders in that business. While you're talking to look at their photography and advertising services. TIP: Use ZonGuru to scan your listing once it's live and make sure that you've used your keywords.

1.3.2. Prepare your product specs list for data entry into your listing. Here's some of what you'll need in addition to the data in the step above. None of the data you enter here will show publicly on your listing. It is all for Amazon's algorithm to help them find your product when an appropriate search is executed by a shopper on Amazon. Again, a lot of this data can be completed by Bar code number Product weight (including packaging) Product dimensions (packaged) The category where you want to be listed (look at your competitors on Amazon and see where they show up) What price you want to sell the item for Does the product need a battery? If yes: Battery weight? Wattage hours? Lithium content weight? Lithium battery voltage? Are the batteries included? Battery type? AA, AAA, D etc. Basically you need all the specs of the battery/s that are either in the product or are needed for the product. Intended use. Weddings, funerals, baseball, halloween, kitchen etc. Target audience? Teens, toddlers, adults, babies etc. Other key attributes? Water proof, cordless, antique etc. Material type. Glass, wood, steel etc. Is there a warranty? If yes, what is it? One or two sentences required. Where is it made? There are lots of other questions but many will not apply to your product. Just skip over those questions that do not apply. MAKE SURE THAT COMPLETE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN THOUGH! The more info Amazon has, the more likely it is that your item will be found.

1.3.3. Get your photos Photos are SUPER important. Please don't be tempted to take the photos yourself unless you are a professional photographer. There is a big difference in quality, even if you cannot see it! :movie_camera: Watch the lessons on product photography in Module 8 :camera: We recommend or Fran Flynn: [email protected] No matter who you work with, you will need to have a product shipped to the photographer. We recommend that you ship 3 just to be safe (so at least one arrives with an undamaged box). Be mindful that you need at least one photo of your product with an all-white background. Make sure that your product fills either the vertical or horizontal axis of the 1000 x 1000 pixel limit that you are allowed. This will make your image stand out the best it can in the search results as it will appear as large as it can given it's unique proportions. Remember that the staging of a photo is critical! ALL of the details of the matter. The type of house. The type, age and style of the furniture. Everything that's visible in the photo says something about your brand. What do you want it to say? Be VERY clear about your staging needs. At this point in time it would be VERY wise to search the word "SURGICAL" in the private Facebook group and watch the video Adam made about the very subtle nature of getting your photos right for the context of YOUR particular product niche. Upload your photos into your listing via Seller Central. Update your company website to include your new photos and link the buy buttons to your brand new Amazon page!

1.4. Closing notes

1.4.1. Your products are now in Amazon's catalog which means that you can now sell them and create shipping labels to attach to your goods to send them into Amazon's warehouses.

1.4.2. If you haven't already, you might want to make a note in your calendar for when you expect your trademark to be done so that you can register your brand and activate Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). You should have filed your trademark in Phase 2 of this Mind Mind Mapping process. :gear: Brand Registry is activated through Seller Central and only takes about 10 minutes to do. You must have your registered trademark details on hand though. See Module 8 in the course for a lesson showing you how to do it.