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PHASE 5 by Mind Map: PHASE 5


1.1. Education

1.1.1. Watch Module 7

1.1.2. Watch all the student webinars again except the first one that relates to finding a product. You're about to go live so fortify your mindset! These webinars are in the course in the section near the bottom that says "Private Student Only Webinars"

1.2. :moneybag: Once your goods are ready and you are satisfied with your 3rd party inspection, it is time to pay your supplier and create shipping labels in Seller Central for them to attach to the cartons and/or pallets. You have to create a "shipping plan" to create labels. This is taught in Module 7.

1.2.1. Shipping labels will be PDFs that you email to your supplier. This can be confusing the first time. Don't worry! It gets easier the more you do it.

1.2.2. :movie_camera: Revisit Module 6 in the program for lessons on carton labelling and pallet stacking.

1.2.3. :bell: Be sure that your supplier uses new or very good quality used pallets that comply with Amazon's guidelines (explained in Module 6. This is a small detail that can cause major issues. Old or poor quality pallets can break causing untold damage to your inventory.

1.2.4. Make sure that your supplier watches the pallet stacking video provided in Module 4. Here it is again for your reference: How to Build a Pallet to Ship to an Amazon Fulfillment Center

1.2.5. If you get stuck, use the private Facebook group and search feature to find student dialog around this issue. There are lots of questions and answers in there.

1.3. Get your order shipped

1.3.1. Once your supplier has the shipping labels, it's time for your Freight Forwarder to arrange the freight.

1.3.2. If you use Lucky Lucky as your freight forwarder, they will make the process pretty seamless. There are lots of details that vary depending on what you're shipping and from where, so experience is the best teacher here. Don't freak out! Just go through the process.

1.3.3. Once your products are on the way, it's time to complete the tasks below.

1.4. Setup A2X & Xero

1.4.1. Now that you are about to start accepting money, it is important that you get on top of your accounting so that things don't become a big mess. Go to and open an account. Then go to and open and account there as well. Xero is a cloud based accounting software that will make doing your tax returns very easy. It is widely used by accountants globally. A2X is a plugin that sits between Xero and Amazon. It pulls all of your Amazon data into Xero where it can then be organized into a balance sheet, P&L and cashflow statement. Either get your accountant involved or find one on or (yes 3 "e"s in FreeeUp. They have all kinds of Amazon specialists. One of the most critical things in both running and selling a business is tight books. It is SUPER important that you know where your profit is REALLY at so get on top of this very early!

1.5. Setup your automated email sequences via