Character Sketch: Princess Amari

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Character Sketch: Princess Amari by Mind Map: Character Sketch: Princess Amari

1. I. Physical Appearance

1.1. Dark brown hair and amber eyes

1.2. Has a scar down her back from a fight with Inan in her childhood.

1.3. Dark copper skin, considered darker than of her fellow kosidán noblewomen.

2. II. Thoughts & Feelings

2.1. "Binta’s voice rings loud. The sight of her blood fills my head. I can avenge her now. I can cut Father down. While the maji take out the guards, my sword can free Father of his head. Retribution for all his massacres, every poor soul he ever killed […]." - Chapter 68

2.2. "Blood pounds against my ears as I lunge forward, raising my blade. I can rid Orïsha of its greatest monster. Abolish its source of pain." - Chapter 83

2.3. Sensitive; hates violence and conflict.

2.4. Fears Saran because of his violent ambtions; grows to realize that he is the true threat to the kingdom.

2.5. She wants to explore the kingdom but is restrained by her mother.

2.6. She isn't informed of injustices outside of the palace at first.

3. III. What others say about her

3.1. "We never spoke of it. Not once. Even after all these years. Amari was too kind to bring it up. I, far too scared." - Inan, about the incident that scarred Amari's back, Chapter 19

3.2. "To my right, Amari stands still, hands clenched around her bladeless hilt. She hasn't said one word since we got off that ship, but the laborers told me she was the one who protected me and killed the other team's captain. For the first time, looking at her doesn't remind me of Saran or Inan. I see the girl who stole the scroll. I see the seeds of a warrior." - Zélie, Chapter 33

3.3. "My apologies, Princess, but you should know it takes time to approach the prettiest girl here." - Tzain, Chapter 57

4. IV. How others react to her

4.1. Zélie: They didn't get along at first because Amari dragged her into a quest Zélie did not want to be involved in, which lead to the king's men chasing after them, and because of Zélie's disgust of Amari's background. Eventually as the story progresses, they grow closer and began to trust each other.

4.2. Tzain: He is vary of her at first because of her background as a royal, but then comes to care for her and respects her as her own human being.

4.3. King Saran: He doesn't seem to love or nurture her. He constantly wants her to know how to fight in order to protect herself, but is frustrated by her opposition against violence.

4.4. Inan: He genuinely worries for her and cares about her, but expresses it in a violent way.

5. V. Speech

5.1. "I am Princess Amari, daughter of King Saran, and...And I am the future queen of Orïsha." - Chapter 65

5.2. "No matter what he did, no matter what you see, believe me when I tell you it is not forever. If you broke me free, you will find a way to save yourself." - to Zélie, Chapter 76

6. VI. What she does/doesn't do

6.1. As a child, she refused to pick up her sword and fight her brother Inan during her father's fighting lessons, leading her to have a scar down her back caused by Inan.

6.2. She kickstarted the main plotline by stealing the magic scroll from the palace and coming across Zélie in the market.

6.3. In the coliseum, she defends Zélie by stabbing the opposing team's captain, helping their crew win the day's battle and gain the sun stone.

6.4. At the maji settlement, she knocks out the divîner guarding an injured Tzain and carries him out of the interrogation tent to escape.

6.5. At the Gombe fortress, she leads a team of divîners in a mission to rescue Zélie from her cell.

6.6. She eventually brought a stop to the brutality the maji face by murdering Saran at the holy temple on the solstice.