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07/27/1978 by Mind Map: 07/27/1978

1. Jim Davis

1.1. used life experiences to influence his comic

1.2. smart man

1.3. capable of anything

1.4. remarkable

1.5. master of the craft

1.6. genius of the eye

1.7. Paws Inc

2. Jon the Narrator

2.1. Expert in textiles

2.2. 6 years tobacco research

2.3. Worked at a printing press for 18 months in the 1980s

2.4. More in the OneNote

3. Pipe Strip

3.1. "perfection"

3.2. brilliance

3.3. "radiant light"

3.4. "harmony"

3.4.1. "To uncover this hidden order is bliss like I've never known"

3.5. "universal constant"

3.5.1. "e"

3.5.2. pi

3.5.3. golden ratio

3.5.4. feigenbaum constant (chaos theory)

3.6. Structure

3.6.1. Forest green wall

3.6.2. Lavendar chair

3.6.3. Brown end table

3.6.4. Comparable to -> Rembrandts Return of the Prodigal Son Da Vinci st john the baptist

3.6.5. Jim Davi's masterpiece

3.7. Elements

3.7.1. Jon's arm (fibonacci sequence) "it's eerie, it makes you wonder if youre in the presence of a diety, if there's a larger hand at work"

3.8. Panels

3.8.1. 1st glimpse of Jon's shoe Background wall shading points inwards to jon in the second panel Jon innocent Religious 27:32

3.8.2. 2nd Eye is drawn to this panel Two points connected to his hand form a triangle that matches his collar 23:28 draw a triangle, reoirent Jon is stuck between the innocence adn the truth

3.8.3. 3rd "Microcosm for the whole strip itself" Pipe points inward towards jon Garfield the sinister serpent

4. Garfield

4.1. existential forces in literature

4.1.1. Kafka - Gregor Samsa

4.1.2. Camus - Meursalt

4.1.3. Sartre - Antoine Roquentin

4.1.4. , chaos, absurdism

4.2. false idol

4.2.1. do not be seduced by the cat and the pipe

4.3. do not be tempted by garfield the cat

4.4. Chaos Cat

4.4.1. sees the hopelessness of life

4.4.2. chaos discorder hatre fear thievery death destruction desolation! seeks the truth

4.5. Attributes

4.5.1. stature poised statuesque eyes are playful

4.5.2. curl of his tail

4.5.3. ear whiskers

4.5.4. the "thief" cat

4.6. "smoking cat"

4.6.1. Tobacco Research Phillip Morris tobacco company "tattle tale teenager who rats on his friends after smoking for the first time Obscure term Used by a few cigarette companies Ernie Barguckle Tattled Received settlement payout Spent it on experimental treatment for Ed

5. Jon Arbuckle


5.1.1. "Near but not clear"

5.1.2. "Now where could my pipe be"

5.2. Pipe

5.2.1. "where is the pipe"

5.2.2. symbolism for ED

5.3. Newspaper

5.3.1. Holds up with left hand

5.3.2. Hand position is 19th century grip of aristocrats

5.4. Attributes

5.4.1. "plain"

5.4.2. Impotent

5.4.3. Facing extreme inner turmoil

5.4.4. Shoes are foot binding ritual of asian cultures

6. Ideas for application

6.1. "daily stoic" type book of quotes

6.2. Coloring book

6.2.1. Each page is the pipe stripe

6.2.2. What else can we do?

6.2.3. Each element of the pipe as it’s own page, maybe edition?

6.3. JimCoin

6.3.1. Jim Davi's coin

6.3.2. Doge is the rival

6.3.3. OdieCoin?

6.3.4. ChoasCoin

6.4. GIFs of interesting moment

6.4.1. Push this on tumblr/Chan/reddit to build up hype

6.5. Wiki style thing

6.5.1. "who has the pipe"

6.6. Garfield style comic about Jon Blyth history

6.7. 5 min video on lasagna cat

6.8. Bible? Holy book

6.9. Instructional book / pamphlet Screen Shot on 2018-09-28 at 01:53:40.png

6.10. Video game

6.10.1. Hero's quest

6.10.2. Jon looking for his pipe

6.10.3. Garfield at the end of the level

6.10.4. Platformer?

7. Notable quotes

7.1. Need times

7.1.1. "You can look at anything as man or a cat"

7.1.2. "Nicotine poisoning can kill animals, especially household pets" PSA

7.1.3. A detective of a homicide case has to look at it from every angle

7.1.4. "I have cried, and I have cried, I have cried and cried about this piece"

7.1.5. hOw can a comic strip about a cat be any more than that

7.2. 10:17 abstract panels

7.2.1. 10:37 for elements

7.2.2. Abstract

7.3. 21:18 "oh but i am not blind" speech

7.3.1. Excerpt "Many of you say, oh but I am not blind, I have never been blind! But when you truly see you will understand how truly blind you once were to even think it right to say that you were not blind. What does a blind man see? Blackness, darkness, blankness, black darkness, dark blankness, the absence of things, quiinto the lite literally "no thing". No things. Nothing. Nothings. So you see nothing. But I bring you into the light. a cat has your pipe~ you've blind do you understand this? The cat has your pipe. You can't fully immerse yourself. You don't have the light. you don't have the radiance, the radical light. the radically radiant light of truth. and truth's belonging. love and nature of light. and loving light. and loving truthful radiance. so don't be bold and make bold statements; i know of you. the cat has your pipe. the cat. has. your pipe. remember that."

7.3.2. The curl of text is garfields tale

7.4. 22:40 "aha"

7.4.1. http://pokus.in/XosFNE.png

7.5. 23:36 "to uncover this … is a bliss like i've never known"

7.6. 23:53 "now where could my pipe be"

7.7. 24:36 "chaos cat"

7.7.1. chaos cat

7.7.2. illustration

7.8. 24:56 "then let me die"

7.8.1. "HE stole the pipe, HE sits with his back to jon"

7.8.2. http://pokus.in/kCOLiE.png

7.9. An exercise in recursion, a mirror, one is reality, another is the cartoon strip

7.10. 25:40

7.10.1. "it does not matter"

7.10.2. "then let me die"

7.10.3. T-SHIRT

7.11. 26:44 Religious Symbol

7.12. 27:00

7.13. 27:32 Jim davis is god

7.13.1. "where will you be when the cat reveals himself" Jim 7:27:78 Where will you be? With the, with the righteous or with the wicked, with the Saint or the aints. Everyone will rise, but to different realities entirely. Where Shall I be? Where Will You Be When the First Trumpet Sounds? A Good Question Asked in An Advent Hymn - Community in Mission

7.14. 28:05 "hell"

7.15. 28:15 ten commandments

7.15.1. ten commandments

8. Terms

8.1. "smoking cat"

9. Themes

9.1. Battle of good vs evil

9.2. It still works

9.3. A man and a cat

9.4. the Cat has your Pipe

10. If a comic about a cat can be the only thing in the universe, then maybe this is the strongest evidence for that.