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Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard by Mind Map: Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard
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Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard

RL Teacher Testimonials



RL Teacher Demo

Interactive Demo: Finding Resources

Choose a topic from a K teacher

Find sources through RL

Do an interactive activity

Demo: Linking to Enrichment Activities on eChalk Class Pages

Can be done in class or at home.  

Demo adding "Resource" link to a class page

Smartboard Goals

Show basic functions

turning on and connecting laptops

showcasing interactive desktop (not Notebook software yet)

use of pens/eraser & screen capture

Hands-on Practice

Schedule Follow up with Mohammed

RL Hands On Activity

Log in and fill out your RL "Profile"

Could be part of students' literacy binders.  

Teachers do a quick search for resources related to a lesson

Idea: Add to a lesson you've already done.

Renzulli Goals

Demo the basics

Let teachers explore the search function (Hands On)

Schedule grade team planning meetings

Set simple Goals for December

Schedule login follow-up with Mohammed

SmartBoard Demo (throughout)

"Read Aloud" Sites are on when we start

Starfall Storytelling

Btwn the Lions

(Throughout) While LF & NC are talking Renzulli, teachers are operating the Smartboard

Teachers are encouraged to ask questions throughout

Twitter VoteReport (time permitting)

Real Time Interactivity