Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard

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Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard by Mind Map: Renzulli Learning with a Smartboard

1. RL Teacher Testimonials

1.1. Nicole

1.2. Leigh

2. RL Teacher Demo

2.1. Interactive Demo: Finding Resources

2.1.1. Choose a topic from a K teacher

2.1.2. Find sources through RL

2.1.3. Do an interactive activity

2.2. Demo: Linking to Enrichment Activities on eChalk Class Pages

2.2.1. Demo adding "Resource" link to a class page

3. Smartboard Goals

3.1. Show basic functions

3.1.1. turning on and connecting laptops

3.1.2. showcasing interactive desktop (not Notebook software yet)

3.1.3. use of pens/eraser & screen capture

3.2. Hands-on Practice

3.3. Schedule Follow up with Mohammed

4. RL Hands On Activity

4.1. Log in and fill out your RL "Profile"

4.2. Teachers do a quick search for resources related to a lesson

5. Renzulli Goals

5.1. Demo the basics

5.2. Let teachers explore the search function (Hands On)

5.3. Schedule grade team planning meetings

5.4. Schedule login follow-up with Mohammed

6. SmartBoard Demo (throughout)

6.1. "Read Aloud" Sites are on when we start

6.1.1. Starfall Storytelling



6.1.4. Btwn the Lions

6.2. (Throughout) While LF & NC are talking Renzulli, teachers are operating the Smartboard

6.3. Teachers are encouraged to ask questions throughout

6.4. Twitter VoteReport (time permitting)

6.4.1. Real Time Interactivity