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Kick start Mental Health Work shop by Mind Map: Kick start Mental Health Work shop

1. What Conversations should we be having more off?

1.1. How do I Help someone who is suffering from poor mental health?

1.1.1. What warning signs do I need to look out for?

1.2. Weekly Catch Up's/ Check in 1-1s

1.2.1. How to be comfortable talking about your own issues How hard is it to know what help you need?

1.3. How do I help someone who confides in me?

1.3.1. How sometimes talking doesn't help Is anyone else like me? Everyone's journey is different

1.4. its okay to have mental health problem

1.4.1. What is everyone individually struggling with? How can we learn from one another?

1.5. The different types and levels of mental health

1.5.1. How we can help others to get through tough times No one should be afraid to speak about any issues How do I help others?

2. What would you like to know about mental health?

2.1. What 'Counts' as mental health?

2.1.1. How to spot the signs early to help/prevent getting worse Mild to sever How are we defining it?

2.2. How mental health can impact your work

2.2.1. Does It have to be categorised? Why, how and help! What do we understand about it?

2.3. Does it last forever?

2.3.1. Does counsling help? Does mental health problem change your personalities?

2.4. Can it be treated?

2.4.1. Does it effect everyone differently? What it means people Does it effect you so much it causes concern?

3. What can Vanti do more off to support Mental Health?

3.1. Regular Work shops

3.1.1. Outside experienced talks How do I talk to someone at work about my mental health?

3.2. Training for those who want it

3.2.1. Is time off for mental health issues the same as for physical issues? Provide a non judgemental atmosphere

3.3. Understanding of peoples individual triggers

3.3.1. How do we understand mental health issues? Work Masks Relaxing & Safe Spaces

3.4. What resources are available to me?

3.4.1. How can we support one another? Explain what rights/ Processes exist

3.5. What support is in place at work?

3.5.1. Are you really ok today? Safe space to talk/ write SOS A support group or slack private channel?

3.6. Get a room for a 'Im not happy and I need a break.

3.6.1. Run sessions every so often to talk about it Mental health first aid course

3.7. Make sure we know the environment is there to talk about mental health

4. What areas surrounding mental health would you like to see covered?

4.1. Personality Disorders

4.1.1. Depression, Anxiety, Stress Physical Symptoms Stigmas & Taboos

4.2. Discussing self harm & suicidal thoughts

4.2.1. Coping Strategies How can we look after ourselves?

4.3. The right balance in life without feeling guilty

4.3.1. Does suffering from mental health make you normal? Are we qualified to help other?

4.4. Triggers & Causes

4.4.1. Anxiety, stress, Tiredness/ Lack of sleep Closet Deppression How can we help people with mental health?

4.5. Why do people suffer with mental health?

4.5.1. What is mental health? How many are there? There are so many I feel like sometimes that should be discussed is how peoples behaviours, actions and words can really effect how someone feels.

5. What Goes Through Your Mind At Work?

5.1. What will they think of me if I tell them how I'm really feeling? Do they Care?

5.1.1. Am I bothering people when I speak to them? How to balance everyones demands & expectations. Work & Personal

5.2. How can I communicate if I'm not in a good place mentally?

5.2.1. What's going to break today? Fat Friday The Lodge

5.3. Money Issues

5.3.1. Family & Friends Is it noticeable that I'm anxious What is going to be said to me today.

5.4. What will I do wrong?

5.4.1. If i'm down how do I get through the day? Yay I have something to do

5.5. Worried about my children and not spending enough time with them

5.5.1. What is my day going to be like today? Food How do I cope with work & home balance of responsibilities?

5.6. Am I doing enough to help others?

5.6.1. Am I doing enough?