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Freak/Kevin by Mind Map: Freak/Kevin

1. "Says" and how it is said

1.1. He uses really big words in sentences

1.2. He talks like he is really smart

1.3. He knows a lot of big words so he knows what they mean so he says them.

1.4. He told Max that he is going to become a robot.

2. "Thoughts/Feelings"

2.1. He probably is thinking about math related stuff

2.2. He's probably thinking about mathematics

2.3. He's probably thinking about how him and Max are friends

2.4. He's probably thinking about what happened at the 4th of July party

3. Effects on other characters

3.1. He effects max because he becomes really good friends with him and they eat dinner together and they go to the 4th of July party together as friends and Kevin stands up for Max

3.2. He stood up for Max because he thought that Max could take Tony D.

3.3. His mom was coming to get Freak and she got scared of Max and that causes his mom to be protective of Freak.

3.4. Him and Max are really good friends and that effects max so there good friends.

4. Behavior/Actions

4.1. He uses really big words

4.2. He is really smart

4.3. He got pulled in a wagon by Max

4.4. His actions make Max happy

5. Looks: Physical Appearance

5.1. He is crippled

5.2. On the cover he has blonde hair.

5.3. He can't walk because he is crippled

5.4. He is small and has crutches