Mario V Phonetics Workshop

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Mario V Phonetics Workshop by Mind Map: Mario V  Phonetics Workshop

1. The Sounds of English

1.1. Vowels

1.1.1. Pure Long L1 See L2 Car L3 More L4 Hoop L5 Her Short S1 Sit S2 Met S3 Hat S4 Shut S5 S6 Book S7 a man

1.1.2. Diphthongs D1 Hey D2 Buy D3 Toy D4 Cow D5 Grow D6 Wierd D7 Care D8 Sure

1.2. Consonants

1.2.1. C1 Plosives

1.2.2. C2 Fricatives

1.2.3. C3 Affricates

1.2.4. C4 Nasals

1.2.5. C5 Approximants

1.2.6. C6 Glotal

2. THE MATRIX PHONETIC SYSTEM The Musical Scale of English Phonetics

2.1. MPhS The Musical Scale of English Phonetics.


3.1. Gmail Account

3.1.1. Instrucciones 1 Gmail Español

3.2. 2 Google Hangouts

3.2.1. Instrucciones 2 Hangouts Español

3.3. 3 Google Drive

3.3.1. Instrucciones 3 Google Drive Español

3.4. 4 Make a Copy of a Doc

3.4.1. Instrucciones 4 Create a Copy

3.5. 5 Mindmeister

3.5.1. Instrucciones 5 Mindmeister Espanol

4. My Web Site