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Max by Mind Map: Max

1. Say and how they say.

1.1. He says he likes freak.

1.1.1. He says he is friends with freak. He says he likes gram.

2. Thoughts and abot self.

2.1. He thinks he is vary tall.

2.1.1. He thinks he is wired He thinks he is boring.

3. Effect.

3.1. He is the main carickder.

3.1.1. He effects freaks life by being his friend. He is .a loveabol so he will sell more copes.

4. Actions

4.1. He finds Freak.

4.2. He put Freak on his shoulder.

4.2.1. He is now friends with Freak.

5. Looks

5.1. He is vary tall.

5.1.1. He is starting to look like his dad. He is skinny.