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Cambridge ODEL 2011 Home group 3 Summary by Mind Map: Cambridge ODEL 2011
Home group 3
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Cambridge ODEL 2011 Home group 3 Summary

Alan: US college~ international soc. justice

Western education

Positives, less content, more process, Thinking, critica. divergent, learning how to learn, evaluation, assessment, arguments, theories, ability to look at content differently, Creative approach for sharing knowledge

Negatives, exploration can become narrower, teaching info wo learners' choice, arguments can leave out other point of views, Teamwork can be difficult to do fairly

Pedagogy of the oppressed?


Stamenka:HE open to the world?

Nurend:Zeal, ability, benefaction/cross-border

Risks to academic independence

Education & skills

U dont just go to Uni - Uni comes to U

Support for going to other places - one way traffic

New node

Need for advocates of ODL -explain what to do

Possibilities for collaboration

Model like eTwinning

Some shared development

E-learning & virtual environments

Main things


Research, evidence

Relation to our practice

Sail or swim away with

Rythm of the conference, Ideas different perspectives, Commonalities, Empowerment, Respect, More challenge?, Post-"wow"-context drive, Big thank you!!!, This conference should continue!!!

Topics, Virtual access, leveling the field, Education in a broad sense, Context driven, Cross border links, Boundary-crossing, Forms of DE -varied, Social justice