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Human Trafficking by Mind Map: Human Trafficking

1. in Asia

1.1. Act

1.1.1. Illegal Adoption

1.1.2. Sexual Exploitation

1.1.3. Drug Trafficking

1.1.4. Child Labour

1.2. Means

1.2.1. Abuse of Power and/or Vulnerability

1.2.2. Threat or use of force

1.2.3. Coercion

1.2.4. Giving payments or little benefits

1.3. Purpose

1.3.1. Exploitation

1.3.2. Prostitution

1.3.3. Slavery

1.3.4. Force Labor

2. in the Internet

2.1. Act

2.1.1. Recruitment and transportation of victims for commercial sexual activities or forced labor through online means and communication

2.1.2. Distribution of Child Abuse Material/ Pornographic and Illegal Materials

2.1.3. Promoting Private Adoption/ Selling Young Children

2.1.4. Human and Sex Trafficking

2.2. Means

2.2.1. Harassment

2.2.2. Blackmailing

2.2.3. Sending messages to minors anonymously and tricking them into doing illegal acts

2.3. Purpose

2.3.1. Exploitation

2.3.2. Prostitution

2.3.3. Slavery

2.3.4. Forced Labor


3.1. by ASEAN

3.1.1. Declaration Against Trafficking in Persons, Particularly Women and Children Result: little significance Reason: East Asian countries are the lead when it comes to human trafficking across different Asian regions

3.2. through ourselves

3.2.1. Conducting events like a seminar that will educate or inform people about the human trafficking, this seminar will also raise the level of awareness about this issue. Result: rising awareness

3.2.2. Learn about the products that you buy from specific companies. Companies may practice child labor or slavery. Research/ check the list of companies that have child labor and forced labor. If child labor is noticed, report to the authorities or boycott products from that company to show support to the victims of child labor. Result: rising awareness

3.2.3. We students could participate in online or digital activism. Let us use this opportunity to speak up and help the victims of human trafficking as well as help raise awareness. There are various movements and/or organization that we can be engaged to in order to help those victims. Result: rising awareness


4.1. Women and Children

4.1.1. Slavery

4.1.2. Forced Labor

4.1.3. Prostitution and Child Pornography

4.1.4. Exploitation