Vision and Goals 09/26/11

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Vision and Goals 09/26/11 by Mind Map: Vision and Goals 09/26/11

1. Sourcing projects of value ,

1.1. publicly recognized

1.2. Financial stability to execute ideas

1.3. Be on the forefront on innovention, and leader in new methodologies of storytelling

1.3.1. Open to new, unique or innovative use of technology and storytelling methods

1.3.2. New node

1.4. Projects that ignite team passion

1.4.1. art

1.4.2. entertainment

1.5. Social impact

1.5.1. transmedia in education

1.5.2. transmedia for social change

1.5.3. experiential media

1.6. Project team of experience, reputation, etc

1.6.1. Board members

1.6.2. Investors

1.6.3. Project Team

1.6.4. Network

1.7. Projects with achievable timeframes for the established goals and expectations

1.8. Strategy for success

1.9. Portfolio consideration

2. Goals

2.1. Demonstrate and execute Independent Funding models for Artists/art orgs

2.1.1. transmedia marketing methods Kickstarter artists auctions online auction fundraisers Grants Film screenings Brand / Sponsorship Integration Guerilla marketing merchandising New node

2.2. Ongoing Evolution and Analysis of Business Structure

2.2.1. Goal Setting and Analysis with Employee

2.2.2. Goal setting and Analysis Per department

2.3. Brand/teach make arts aware of transmedia production and New Media Art practices

2.3.1. approach organisations, workshops and speaking engagements to becomea a leader in transmedia storytelling and marketing approach

2.3.2. Case studies

2.3.3. website

2.4. Team Strengthing

2.4.1. Asses and research project team - Board members partners in line with innovent branding requirements Potential Board Members Partners Founding team members New node

2.4.2. source network and partner with potential foundation team members

2.5. Continued development and evolution of the Transmedia Toolbox

2.5.1. Creating tools that become companies of thier own. Wholesale - tools to to other manufacturers candy wrapper drag and drop Analytics social network crowd direct Retail Tag.iginitor New node

2.6. Financial Stability

2.6.1. assess project that will provide financial stability and growth for the company