Language learning process

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Language learning process by Mind Map: Language learning process

1. Assessment process

1.1. -Need analysis, design, development, implementation, product revision and evaluation.

2. Role of the teacher

2.1. Teachers give the imformation about the special terms that are used.

2.2. Teachers have to choose and create the materials depending on the students' needs and their characteristics.

2.3. To promote the importance of learning English for continuing the academic process.

3. Learner's role

3.1. The learners are expected to produce languaage with the tools teacher provides. The teacher conducts the drilling activity in the speaking class and students are demanded to speak and create conversations.

4. Language's role

4.1. -English was used for demonstrating students' products or services, and meeting

4.2. -English was used to talk with native speakers and with non native speakers.

4.3. -English was used to discuss about the result of the questionnaire.

5. Learner's perceptions and attitudes.

5.1. -Students think that reading a skill is very important to be taught.

5.2. -Students perceive English as a tool to continue in their higher levels of education.

6. Language skills worked through the use of virtual tool

6.1. The most focused skill is the reading but is also important to develop the other skills.