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Online Advertisement by Mind Map: Online Advertisement

1. Attract Attention

1.1. Make the Advertisement stand out and make people want to click it.

1.2. The Advertisement has to be in a good location on the Internet.

2. Convey a Message

2.1. The message should be concise and directional.

2.2. Make the viewer know what you are slling in the Advertisement.

3. Entice Action

3.1. Make the target audience want to buy the product right now.

3.2. The advertisement should make the customer feel like they need the product.

4. Goals of Advertisment

4.1. Figure out what the goals of the advertisement are.

4.2. They could be to sell a product get out a message or spread awareness of a brand.

5. Format of Advertisment

5.1. What format would the target audeience respond the best to.

5.2. There could be banner ad or ads that involve animation or commercial ads.

6. Investigate Audience

6.1. Know who will be buying your product and the websites they visit on the Internet.

6.2. Find out what kind of advertisement they would respond to best.

7. Location of Advertisment

7.1. What website on the Internet would be the best place for the ad to be located.

7.2. Would it be better for the ad to be placed in front of a video online.