Mi Nuevo Mapa Mental

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Mi Nuevo Mapa Mental by Mind Map: Mi Nuevo Mapa Mental

1. Comparison between Sony psp and nintendo Ds

1.1. Graphics

1.1.1. Graphic card The one of the psp packs more ounch than the one of the ds

1.1.2. 2d graphics 2 D graphics are ok in both consoles

1.1.3. 3d graphics 3d graphics are way much better in psp

1.2. aesthetics

1.2.1. design psp has a sleek and cool design while ds looks cool, but it is has more bulk

1.2.2. Comfortability psp is more comfortable than ds

1.2.3. Durability ds has a better durability than a psp

1.3. Game library

1.3.1. Franchises psp has popular franchises like the original final fantasies, god of war, etc. ds has mario, zelda and some other great games.

1.3.2. innovation the stylus from the ds permits more dynamics forms of playing than the psp

1.3.3. public oriented Ds games are more kid oriented while psp has games for an older public

1.4. Conclusion

1.4.1. while psp wins hands down in the graohics department and aesthetics, ds wins in the game library for the sheer innovation of its games

2. There are many types of movies

2.1. types of movies

2.1.1. drama Titanic very emotional complex plot

2.1.2. comedy Tenacious D and the pick of destiny silly humor not a very sirous plot

2.1.3. action saving private brian violent doesn't have a complex plot

2.1.4. Conclusion there are many types of movies and one should settle down to see one every once in a while

3. carnivals are fun

3.1. you can do many activities

3.1.1. dnace

3.1.2. game stands

3.1.3. eat

3.2. you can eat a large diversity of food

3.2.1. local food

3.2.2. foreign food

3.3. they have shows

3.3.1. regional traditions

3.3.2. music shows

3.3.3. sport demostrations

3.4. Nuevo nodo